Raw Quartz Tangerine Blushed Needle Points 100g Bags
Raw Quartz Tangerine Blushed Needle Points 100g Bags
Raw Quartz Tangerine Blushed Needle Points 100g Bags
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Raw Quartz Tangerine Blushed Needle Points 100g Bags

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Raw tangerine/golden oxide Quartz Needle points

omg these baby points are awesome for anyone who uses crystals for healing, creating crystal grids or perhaps you make orgonites??

These are the sweetest lightest blush of tangerine- Infact your  probably thinking that looks just like quartz but I can assure you side by side not only are the a faint peach blush but have a totally different vibe. Of course quartz being the master of all master crystals when it comes to energy- vibrating a frequency in alignment with positivity, harmony, Spiritual Growth and Connection! 

Known as a “master healer” quartz absorbs, stores, releases & regulates energy. Crystal healing you can fine tune the energy release and shifts with these fine pure energisers. Or perhaps use to link the stones on your body healing layouts?

Crystal Grids are an awesome way to harness their energy and help you manifest your greatest desires. But hey these  babies arnt limited just to gridding or healing- add to your mojo bags, make jewellery or add to your orgonite creations.

These bags contain 100g of  natural points- not all are perfect - chipped cloudy and included! There could be anything from empathic Warriors, singing crystals, Lemurian shaped, isis and window faces, Twins and bridges .Random natural sizes these can be a variation from 1cm- 5cm long . A mixture of single  terminated, double terminated. Each one is totally raw and natural. Maybe Some golden healers,oxide and  calcite encrustion too 

This listing is for 1 ( one) 100g bag. Similar to the ones pictured will pop in a free “crystal grid” card with every purchase with basic gridding instructions. If your looking for inspiration please pop by my Blog and check out crystal grid designs

💜Crystal  blessings


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