Rare Starseed  Lightworker Quartz
Rare Starseed  Lightworker Quartz
Rare Starseed  Lightworker Quartz
Rare Starseed  Lightworker Quartz
Rare Starseed  Lightworker Quartz
Rare Starseed  Lightworker Quartz
Rare Starseed  Lightworker Quartz
Rare Starseed  Lightworker Quartz
Rare Starseed  Lightworker Quartz
Rare Starseed  Lightworker Quartz
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Rare Starseed Lightworker Quartz

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Rare Starseed  Lightworker Quartz

Unusual Starseed Quartz Crystals possesses deeply engraved pathways to multiple parallel lines or dimensional realities. Similar to a Lemurian Crystal who’s energy are super powerful yet gentle, ancient healers and teachers.  We are all familiar with the Lemurian striations or banding but these starseeds are something rare that links us to the  stars and beyond the multiverse.They bring the energy of Light Body activation and remembrance of our Divine nature.  Also similar to starbraries these are etched  with ‘encodings’ or patterning  on the surface and in particular the faces - each piece specifically code to astrological  inter dimensional and planetary symbology.

This beautiful crystal would be powerful for meditation, channeling, healing or any other work you are called to do with it. Its role its illuminating beauty and light.

The secret to working with this crystal- as with any lemurian is to activate  it by running your fingers up towards the tip over the etchings. The face in particular on this piece defines its message from the universe . can you see the parallel universes that run deep within the crystal? There is also a portal or notch as it faces you to the right hand side- place your thumb here to activate and connect with the messages this crystal has for you.

To draw universal energy and grid it to the earth use at the 6th Chakra (Third Eye/Brow Chakra) or 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra).

Transpersonal chakras and the Starseed crystals

when working with the star seed and the off body chakras it is important to first make sure you are using a grounding crystal at the earth star chakra- black tourmaline, hematite, magnetite, smoky quartz are perfect.


Place the starseed near the causal chakra for divine inspiration and channel the serenity of the universe into your subtle bodies.


This area  works as a transducer to moderate the high energy vibrational frequencies from the stellar gateway into our physical existance. Using the Starseed here allows to tap into the interconnectiveness of ALL things.


Our direct  line to the divine source- use this crystal; to work the energy both ways between you and the divine through spiritual exchange. Regularly meditating to open the gateway allows detachment of the heart and mind from being a personal experience to allow a connection of purity, wisdom and compassion directly with the divine.


I suggest placing in full moon moonlight to energize as this piece in particular has an affinity to the planets . It can also be placed on selenite or cleansed with a sound bath.


This listing is for one (1) Raw Starseed Quartz Point

You will receive the exact piece  pictured  weighing 102.4 g and measuring just over 7cm at its longest point. This Point full of Glyphs, Starbraries, Record Keepers and etchings galore.

It comes packaged with its own  information sheet about its energetic properties and my complimentary Crystal care sheet. Rest assured every piece I supply has been hand chosen as if i was keeping it for myself

CRystal blessings


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