Cleanse & Purify with WHITE SAGE Smudge Bundles
Cleanse & Purify with WHITE SAGE Smudge Bundles
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Cleanse & Purify with WHITE SAGE Smudge Bundles

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Cleansing and Purifying with White Sage

If your feeling a little stuck or yeuk, maybe there’s been an illness or you want to shift some negative energy. Why not take a tip from the ancients and smudge with white sage?
White Sage has been used traditionally over the centuries by the ancients to cleanse and purify not only themselves but their sacred space!. Particularly by the Native American’s, to remove negative energies and evil spirits. It has also been used in ceremonies to seek out blessings of prosperity and health, and to expel spirits.

It cleanses, purifies and clears negative energy for people, areas and objects. Its all about shifting energy! If you pop over to my blog I’ve provided a whole heap of tips, tricks and a how to guide!

This listing is for one (1) Sustainably Sourced White sage bundle size approx 20cm long. You will receive a bundle similar to the ones pictured :-) 
Sustainably gathered and comes complete with an instruction sheet! 
This is the brand I love and use all the time - my top tip! cut the string On the bundle and burn just a branch at a time to make it last longer !
happy smudging 





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