Crown Chakra Energy Balance Set
Crown Chakra Energy Balance Set
Crown Chakra Energy Balance Set
Crown Chakra Energy Balance Set
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Crown Chakra Energy Balance Set

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Crown Chakra Crystal Balance

The crown chakra, or sahasrāra chakra in Sanskrit, is known as “the bridge to the cosmos.” It is the most spiritual in nature of all seven chakras. As the name suggests it’s Located above the crown of the head, it acts as the center of our spirit, enlightenment, wisdom, universal consciousness, and connection to higher guidance. In a sense, the crown chakra is our highest potential. It governs interaction & communication with the universe, one’s senses of inspiration & devotion, union with the higher self & the divine, and deeper understanding; simultaneously, it is responsible for a healthy spiritual life.

Some people like to think of the crown chakra as a kind of umbilical cord to the divine, whereby we as human beings are connected to the oneness of all things.

The crown chakra allows for the experiences of unity and universal connectedness, as well as the integration of the whole. It has a masculine energy and is represented by the color violet, or sometimes white, while its symbol is a circle with one thousand petals. Elementally, it is associated with thought and silence, and its mantra is, “I know.”

Blocked or Out of Balance?

A range of emotional cues can act as red flags pointing a blocked or stagnant chakra and can point us in  direction of the problem. Common indicators of trouble with the crown chakra include difficulty meditating, difficulty feeling connected, and spiritual disinterest, as well as boredom, feeling antsy with the mundane, not feeling connected to one’s purpose or wisdom, or desiring complete isolation.

A great way to work with the crown chakra, imagine bright white or violet light pouring into the top of the head. I have a trinity of crystals I like to use-

Lepidolite , chevron amethyst and amethyst. You can add extra clear quartz in the palms of each of hand  to amplify the energy flow , then arrange the crystals around the top of top of your head.  If you are working on someone else , I suggest using a Lemurian wand to activate the stones by tracing an invisible path from one crystal to the other then linking all the chakra points together tracing to the base and back to the crown.

This crown chakra set

💜 raw Lepidolite full of sparkley mica  as It opens the crown chakra, clearing blockages and bringing cosmic awareness. ... Lepidolite relieves exhaustion and aids in the relief of tension and related disorders. Place at the crown or above top of the head

💜 raw amethyst with golden healer .Amethyst is a gemstone for the third eye chakra, and crown chakra. ... Amethyst is a natural tranquiliser, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances and aligns energy. Place on the forehead - third eye region ( this piece is nice and flat!) to chill balance and restore wellbeing.

💜chevron amethyst point. Chevron Amethyst: “I know that I am a unique being and I feel inspired and safe to be myself.” Divine spiritual awareness and awakening. Direct energy with this point as you require - point outwards away from the crown for your spiritual energetic expansion. Or direct energy towards the crown to aid opening up and balancing stagnant energy.

💜 as a bonus I’ve included this beautiful female Lemurian natural point. Lemurians are a whole world onto their own . Not only for tapping into the akashic records and spiritual expansion but as far as healing goes these unobtrusive crystals can unlock,unblock and release energy that other crystals just can’t touch. Use this stone to link energy between the crystals you are working with and also to direct energy into the chakra point like a magic wand! The crown chakra is widely known to be of masculine energy so I find that by using a female stone this can help balance out the energetic flow.

This listing is for one (1)  crown chakra kit.  You will receive the exact 4 crystal pictured this kit - all together they weigh 264g . These are hefty pieces,  the lepidolite 144.6 g  and the amethyst alone is 70g. I’ll give you a card for each of the properties of the crystals along with the run down on how to use them. Along with  my complimentary Crystal care sheet. Rest assured every piece i supply has been hand chosen as if i was keeping it for myself. There’s $70 worth of value if you were to purchase these individually!

Crystal Blessings


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