CRYSTAL GRID MINI PACK - Desert Rose Selenite
CRYSTAL GRID MINI PACK - Desert Rose Selenite
CRYSTAL GRID MINI PACK - Desert Rose Selenite
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CRYSTAL GRID MINI PACK - Desert Rose Selenite

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Desert Rose Selenite is the perfect meditation tool that helps us stay grounded and balanced. This mineral actives our root, crown, and sacral chakras that assist in mental clarity and focus, manifestation, and self-expression, and unlocking our divine will. It's the perfect stone to place at your bedside, workspace, or meditation room as it helps cleanse one's aura and environment. Due to it mainly being Selenite based, it will charge and cleanse other crystals when placed around them. Desert Rose is a stone for anyone who feels as though they need a constant rejuvenation of energy. They work on a very high, energetic vibration that helps realign our chakra system. Removing blockages between chakras will help ease the flow of energy within.

These mini packs contain 6 pieces of various sizes and formations. No two are the same

  • Desert Rose Selenite, also known as Gypsum Rose or Sand Rose, is a type of Selenite formed from a combination of water, wind, and sand.
  • Minerals - selenite and barite
  • MOHS hardness of 1.5 – 2
  • CHAKRA: sacral , root, crown
  • Each Desert Rose is said to hold a Spirit Guardian unique to the stone providing protection and guidance. 
  • helps to keep us grounded and protected from negative energy, as well as purifying our own energy. 
  • It gently teaches us that the ups and downs of life are what make life worth living and to not dwell too much on any of them, but live in the present moment.  Use each experience as a tool to grow and develop as a person. 


Desert Rose Selenite is a perfect stone to place within your crystal grids to enhance smaller stones energy output or to assist in the transfer of energy between other stones. These roses will also cleanse and charge the stones around it

When used during meditation, Desert Rose Selenite quiets our mind and removes our worries and anxieties, allowing us to see glimpses of the future helping our decision-making.

Place around other stones to help cleanse.


any crystals used for energy work need to be regularly cleansed. I suggest placing in full moon moonlight to energize, and revitalise. To cleanse, It can also be smudged/ moved through sage smoke or incense, my favourite  way to cleanse is to place on a selenite charging plate or near selenite overnight. Please avoid water.

This listing is for one (1) pack of six (6) pieces of raw small Desert Rose Crystals

You will receive SIMILAR to the crystals pictured. Sizes will vary and are not exact- and can be anything from APPROXIMATELY 2cm- 3.5cm but may be bigger or smaller 

Yours will arrive lovingly parcelled safely with a card describing the properties of the stone as well as a complimentary crystal care sheet. Each piece is chosen carefully and vetted for quality, seriously i can’t keep them all so i offer these beauties to you.

crystal blessings


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