Crystals For Healing #1 SHAMANIC QUARTZ
Crystals For Healing #1 SHAMANIC QUARTZ
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Crystals For Healing #1 SHAMANIC QUARTZ

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Crystals of Healing

“Activate, Purify, Balance, Healing” #1 SHAMANIC QUARTZ- LODOLITE 

This is a world within a world! Clear quartz with inclusions brings the energies of manifestation into your life so you are able to fulfill your hearts desires. Gentle strength with a little sprinkle of brown oxide and white chlorite. Use this sacred stone to connect to your spirit guides to activate, purify and balance to provide healing energy.

Lodolite’s Unique Magical Energy Properties

Lodolite or shamanic also known as garden quartz is a powerful cleanser and purifier. Within this pieces structure contains White Chlorite to balance the chakras, aligns and unblocks the meridians to help release old emotional wounds. The ideal crystal to use to meditate into the crystal’s internal space to discover answers to questions, gain insight into your life and receive guidance.

Crystal Points, generators or single terminated crystals direct energy. They gather the power of the properties of the stone, focus & point it in one concentrated area. Making them awesome amplifiers & are very precise for use in crystal grids, on altars or as a focus point.

This listing is for one (1) 60g just over 6cm high, 2.5cm wide and 2.8cm thick. YES! You will receive this exact unique crystal pictured - photo shows views of the same crystal this is for one crystal only                                                                                                                                                             This will arrive lovingly parceled along with a crystal information sheet describing the properties of the stone, and my complimentary Fairy Leonie Crystal care sheet with a gift bag!



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