Crystals for Love #2 SOUL MATE CONNECTION quartz
Crystals for Love #2 SOUL MATE CONNECTION quartz
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Crystals for Love #2 SOUL MATE CONNECTION quartz

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Crystals of Love

“Soul Mate Connection” #2 SOUL MATE- Clear Quartz Natural Point Formation 

Whether you are looking to attract a relationship, new love or strengthen an existing relationship? Or maybe you are wishing to deepen your connection with yourself or spirituality? Maybe wanting to attract a Relationship, or New Love? This could be the stone for you. Let this crystal bring you comfort to know your soul mate is out there and on their way to you. Twin flames that travel many life times in search of each other’s company. If you are bound to find each other in this lifetime this is the crystal for you.

Clear Quartz Soul Mate Formation’s Unique Magical Energy Properties

Quartz twin or soul mate crystals can assist to loving contact & togetherness. Quartz harmonizes positive energies & encourages unlimited personal power that can help attract the manifestation of joy & happiness. Twin crystals positive energies helps restore, rekindle, re-energize strengthen & inspire relationships that you hold dear.

This listing is for one (1) 23g nearly 5cm long just over 3cm wide and approx. 1cm at its thickest point 

A flat almost tabular formation with a teeny baby point off-shooting from the side along with its baby brothers and sisters growing on the surface. Cloudy whisps of microscopic fluid give it an ethereal look- I like to call them angels.

YES! You will receive this exact unique crystal pictured - photo shows views of the same crystal this is for one crystal only.This will arrive lovingly parceled along with a crystal information sheet describing the properties of the stone, and my complimentary Fairy Leonie Crystal care sheet with a gift bag! 


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