CRYSTALS FOR LOVE- Pink Tourmaline with lepidolite in Quartz Generator Point
CRYSTALS FOR LOVE- Pink Tourmaline with lepidolite in Quartz Generator Point
CRYSTALS FOR LOVE- Pink Tourmaline with lepidolite in Quartz Generator Point
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CRYSTALS FOR LOVE- Pink Tourmaline with lepidolite in Quartz Generator Point

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CRYSTALS FOR LOVE- Pink Tourmaline with lepidolite in Quartz Generator Point #4

There is a new blend of minerals on the block and WOW, is it heart opening, soothing and uplifting. A combination hardly ever seen and I’m so excited to have a couple of amazing shaped generator points.

Lepidolite & Pink Tourmaline in Quartz from Madagascar. Both of these minerals are on my ‘go to’, must have list of crystalline energies to work with for all things love related. To have them blended beautifully together in Quartz to amplify their energy is downright awesome. Lepidolite is packed full of lithium so these pieces are perfect  if you are seeking balance in your life and energy centres.


PINK TOURMALINE                           


Compassion ♥ Self Forgiveness ♥ Serenity ♥ Stress/worries  ♥ Emotional Support ♥ Strength

Like most heart based stones, the vibration of this lovely crystal brings an influx of love, joy and happiness into your life. So if you have been feeling dejected, stressed or lacking interest   in life, this lovely pink stone will help to bring back your passion for living.



 Deep Emotional Healing ♥ Soothing ♥ Reduces Stress 

 “stone of transition” assists in the release & reorganisation of old behavioural & psychological patterns, gently inducing change. Brings deep emotional healing, soothing & reducing stress & depression.                                                  

  • Working with Pink Tourmaline often requires deep work around our emotions as it will bring up anything that blocks us from giving or receiving love. This includes Divine Love as well as how love shows up for us in our day to day lives and relationships.
  • Where Pink Tourmaline differs from other heart/emotion based crystals is it asks us to step into vulnerability and holds us beautifully when we take that courageous leap. It both softens and strengthens our Heart simultaneously.
  • For those whom are focused on connecting with their Soul Mate or Twin Flame, this is THE heart based crystal to work with.
  • Lepidolite is equally amazing. It is an extremely special mineral because it contains trace elements of Lithium and the extremely rare alkali metals Rubidium and Caesium. These metals belong to the same chemical group as Lithium and all are highly reactive, which creates vibrations that respond to our body in an effective and positive way.  
  • Lithuim Carbonate is used to treat psychiatric disorders such as bi-polar/manic depression and ADHD and in other medication as an anti-depressant or mood stabiliser.
  • Energetically, Lepidolite is extremely soft, tactile and gentle. It works primarily on our mental energy and thought patterns, easing anxiety, worry, nervous or agitated thoughts. This easing of energy in our mind feels instantly soothing to our physical body, nervous and emotional systems. It is fantastic for restful sleep or soothing us when we are experiencing stressful or emotionally heavy situations.
  • lepidolite is a mica based mineral full of lithium
  • Blended together in Quartz, which is an amplifier of energy, I feel this mineral has come to the fore to support us in the self work required during this time of Ascension. These two minerals hold both our heart & mind in the highest vibration of calm, soothing, supportive, loving energies.


I suggest placing in full moon moonlight to energize. It can also be moved through sage smoke or incense, my favourite is on a selenite charging plate or near selenite overnight. Please avoid water.

This listing is for one (1) Pink Tourmaline & Lepidolite in Quartz Generator

I have the choice of three very beautiful pieces

Weighing 98.5g and measuring 7.6cm at its tallest point. This heavily mineralised specimen is divine! 

You will receive this exact unique crystal pictured. It comes packaged with its own box,  an information sheet about its energetic properties and my complimentary Crystal care sheet. rest assured every piece i supply has been hand chosen as if i was keeping it for myself

Crystal Blessings


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