Crystals For Peace "WHITE LIGHT" SELENITE Charging Wand
Crystals For Peace "WHITE LIGHT" SELENITE Charging Wand
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Crystals For Peace "WHITE LIGHT" SELENITE Charging Wand

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Crystals of Peace

White light Selenite Charging Wand 


Selenite is an amazing crystal, it has the ability to reset and cleanse itself! Not only this but selenite can cleanse and purify other stones Selenite gives out a high frequency energy vibration purifying negative energy and bringing light to the darkness. Helping us to move on the path to tranquillity and divine love. I use a selenite wand after every market I to do an aura sweep- this large piece would be absolutely perfect to sweep rooms as well as your aura. My choice for this unique piece would be to lay your jewellery or crystals on its surface. Please note selenite is a fragile crystal and  be careful not to get it wet.

The Magical Energetic Properties Of Selenite

The Bringer of light. A calming stone that instills great peace. It helps clear confusion showing the bigger picture. Acting as a Stabilizer for erratic emotions it’s the perfect balance of white light and love. 

This listing is for one (1) selenite wand size 15.3cm long and 5cm wide with 1cm at its thickest part

You will receive the exact crystal pictured  (there is only one!) Yours will arrive lovingly parcelled with a card describing the properties of the stone as well as a complimentary crystal care sheet


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