Fairy Leonie Deluxe CRYSTAL KIDS Collection
Fairy Leonie Deluxe CRYSTAL KIDS Collection
Fairy Leonie Deluxe CRYSTAL KIDS Collection
Fairy Leonie Deluxe CRYSTAL KIDS Collection
Fairy Leonie's Crystals

Fairy Leonie Deluxe CRYSTAL KIDS Collection

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Beginning Your Childs Crystal Journey

Children naturally are drawn to rocks, especially those of the shiny kind! It’s incredible how they are drawn to certain types of crystals. At my market stall I can tell what’s going on emotionally with the types of crystals children choose. It’s amazing how the shy and quiet ones go for stones of courage and the hyperactive kids are drawn to some of the more calming crystals.

I’ve curated a deluxe set of crystals that are my top “child chosen” top selling crystals. They are tactile with different formations, colours and textures.

Here’s a brief run down on what each kit contains. Each stone will come with basic information card- see photos for more details.

BISMUTH – The number one choice of kids! There’s something out of this world about its freeform formation and amazing colour. Everyone young and old is attracted to its freeform quirky formation. They kind of remind of an Aztec pyramid in space!

AGATE/QUARTZ GEODE CAVE – these natural formations seem to invite anyone to gaze into their caves to see what secrets they hide. I often suggest to kids they are a “fairy cave” and you can whisper your secrets to them. Sourced from Brazil these babies are all so so different.

GOLDSTONE-Goldstone is a type of glittering glass made in a low-oxygen reducing atmosphere using reconstituted crystal with the addition of copper. Its what I call a magpie stone- who couldn’t resist its sparkly gaze. Don’t be put off by the man made bit as it is actually based with copper and crystal but it just doesn’t come out of the ground like this. Its just I would never suggest it to be a crystal that you should use for healing

AURA QUARTZ – This shiny crystal catches everyone’s eye! Natural quartz that has been heat treated with vaporised titanium is an absolute winner with everyone young and old.

HOWLITE- this quiet unassuming crystal tends to touch the hearts of many children. Its soft gentle energy is calming and soothing- don’t be surprised if it ends up under your child pillow!

AMETHYST- every child should have a piece of amethyst in their life. The stone of tranquillity helps calm and soothe nightmares. Particularly good for kids scared of the dark and who have problems sleeping.

Your kit comes complete with one (1) of each stone

Bismuth – average piece is around 2 -2.5cm

Agate quartz geode cave

Howlite Tumbled stone

Goldstone Tumbled stone

Aura quartz tumbled stone

Raw amethyst point


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