KUNZITE Crystals Mini Chips In glass bottle
KUNZITE Crystals Mini Chips In glass bottle
KUNZITE Crystals Mini Chips In glass bottle
KUNZITE Crystals Mini Chips In glass bottle
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KUNZITE Crystals Mini Chips In glass bottle

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Not a crystal you see very often let alone in crystal chip form!

Mini crystal chips are perfect to add to your altar, crystal grid, mojo bags or just keep them as they are!

Kunzite is one of those amazing stones, which is often overlooked. Its soft feminine gemmy nature hides an underlying strength of emotional support and healing.

If there’s someone you cant quite see eye to eye with, or if your dealing with separation (how apt is this in corona times!). This crystal calms the soul and soothes the mind. Take a deep breath and breathe in the energy.


Calming ♥ Healer ♥ Love ♥ Protective ♥ Loving Union ♥ Supportive

Helps with shifting energy to heal emotional problem’s, creates loving relationships. Also known as the “woman’s Stone”, so supportive for young/first time & single mothers. Ideal for children having trouble adjusting & functioning in life. Helps relieve heartache over loss or separation. As a travel crystal guards against road rage & stress whilst driving. Move over rose quartz what’s not to love?!

This listing is for one (1) pink kunzite mini crystal chip bottle. Encased in a beautiful glass bottle with natural cork lid.Weighing approx 30g  the glass bottles are approx 4.5-5cm tall. This will arrive lovingly parcelled along with a crystal information card describing the properties of the stone, and my complimentary Crystal care sheet, And complete with a gift bag! Each one has been weighed carefully as if I was keeping them for myself.


crystal blessings


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