PRASIOLITE - Green Amethyst raw natural unearthed treasure
PRASIOLITE - Green Amethyst raw natural unearthed treasure
PRASIOLITE - Green Amethyst raw natural unearthed treasure
PRASIOLITE - Green Amethyst raw natural unearthed treasure
PRASIOLITE - Green Amethyst raw natural unearthed treasure
PRASIOLITE - Green Amethyst raw natural unearthed treasure
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PRASIOLITE - Green Amethyst raw natural unearthed treasure

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Green amethyst

Whaaat!!!??? I hear you say ?

Yup it’s not something you see everyday Infact I’d say its been 10 years since I’ve even seen  any. Called Prasiolite also known as green quartz, green amethyst or vermarine. This is a green variety of quartz, a silicate mineral chemically silicon dioxide. ...yup you know I love the science.  Most amethyst will turn yellow or orange when heated producing citrine, but some amethyst will turn green!

So green - heart chakra-  amethyst master healer - Quartz positivity and healing energy. What’s not to love ?These raw pieces are pure delight and I swear get in quick coz who knows if I can get my hands on these again.


Spiritual pursuits ♥ heart vision ♥ heart healing ♥ wisdom ♥ warrior energy ♥ mental health

  • Since 1950, almost all natural prasiolite has come from a small Brazilian mine, but it has also been mined in Lower Silesia in Poland. Naturally occurring prasiolite has also been found in the Thunder Bay area of Canada. As of February 2019, the only mine producing prasiolite is in Brazil but even that is almost mined out.
  • The word prasiolite literally means "scallion green-colored stone" and is derived from Greek πράσον prason meaning "leek" and λίθος lithos meaning "stone". The mineral was given its name due to its green-colored appearance.
  • Natural prasiolite is a very light, translucent green. Darker green quartz is generally the result of artificial treatment
  • Crystal habit: Hexagonal prisms
  • Crystal system: Trigonal
  • Color: shades of green
  • If you are dedicated to pursuing a spiritual life, you may have found that you are far more able to be loving in a theoretical way while on the meditation cushion than to act loving when someone cuts you off in traffic.
  • Prasiolite can help bridge this disconnect and translate your spiritual growth into real life peace & connection by activating the heart as the leader of both your thoughts and actions.
  • Prasiolite also facilitates a stronger connection to nature. If you want to be an advocate for the environment, but you would rather lead with wisdom and heart rather than pure “warrior energy”, prasiolite is an ideal ally.
  • Ultimately prasiolite helps to awaken the heart to its rightful place as the center of your human experience and enables your “heart vision”: being able to see through human flaws and failings to the perfection of the Spirit within each person. This is the deep compassion of sages.


I suggest placing in full moon moonlight to energize. It can also be moved through sage smoke or incense, my favourite is on a selenite charging plate or near selenite overnight. Please avoid water and sunlight may fade this stone

This listing is for one (1) Raw Prasiolite crystal

You will receive the exact piece  pictured  weighing 37.6 g and almost 9cm at its longest point. Crystal clear centre with gorgeous natural etchings and growth Interference grooves. It comes packaged with its own  information sheet about its energetic properties and my complimentary Crystal care sheet. Rest assured every piece I supply has been hand chosen as if i was keeping it for myself

CRystal blessings


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