Smoky Quartz “core” natural point
Smoky Quartz “core” natural point
Smoky Quartz “core” natural point
Smoky Quartz “core” natural point
Smoky Quartz “core” natural point
Smoky Quartz “core” natural point
Smoky Quartz “core” natural point
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Smoky Quartz “core” natural point

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Smoky Quartz

I have discovered some very very unusual smokies that i like to call core, whirlwind or tornado smoky points. These raw beauties have formed so quickly that the aluminium impurities within their quartz ‘froze’ into a whirlwind like or tornado shaped core through the centre of the crystalline quartz.

Their energy purpose helps us to delve deep into the cores of our own being- look within to our souls purpose here on earth. Feeling a little lost with no purpose? These core crystals help you to maintain  balance and groundedness. An earthing and highly protective energetic shielder. Literally gathering in negativity into its heart and transmitting it to positive energy. A little like the hindu god ganesh clearing the path for positive change or perhaps creating blockages if it feels you are on the wrong energetic path.

Smoky quartz is one of those amazing minerals that varies so so much

  • Because it carries the qualities of the soil, ash, mud, and clay it helps us feel rejuvenated from the ground up, similar to watering and nurturing a field for the harvest.
  • It is a crystal representing our connection to Mother Earth, the chhonic energies lying in the lower worlds, and the transmutation of negative energies back into positive ones.
  • As one of the most potent crystals for metaphysical arts practitioners, Smoky Quartz can effectively remove negative spirits or energies from patients’ auric fields through the use of grounding techniques or by placing directly on the body.
  • Like many crystals with darker hues, Smoky Quartz held an essential role in spiritual practices throughout history. It was used for similar purposes by placing it outside of houses or in windows to prevent drifting spirits from entering a family’s space.
  • Quartz is the second most common mineral on Earth- About twenty percent of the Earth’s crust is made up of Quartz! The distinctive dark colour of Smoky Quartz comes from free silicon deposits in it. The depth and consistency of the crystal’s colour depending on the quantity of free silicon in it.
  • Because of its link with the earth, Smoky Quartz is said to have a unique ability to block the psychic “buzzing” caused by being around smog, electronics, and other people.
  • Hold Smoky Quartz to relieve tension and stress, anxiety, or panic attacks; also to ward off negative thinking, and to eliminate worry and doubt when faced with chaos or confusion.
  • Place Smoky Quartz in the home or work environment to filter out bad moods, unspoken resentments, or disparaging remarks that drain your strength and enthusiasm.
  • shield against co-worker bullying, hostility or gossip at work, or a bullying boss or manager, set dark Smoky Quartz points outwards on your desk in a semi-circle to create a calm, safe area in which to work
  • Because Smoky Quartz is naturally irradiated, it draws upon those frequencies to counter negative effects of radiation, including sunburn, exposure to radioactive materials, medical radiation and chemotherapy. [Ahsian, 367][Hall, 240-241][Gienger, 80][Eason, 122]


Any crystals used for energy work need to be regularly cleansed. I suggest placing in full moon moonlight to energize,and revitalise. To cleanse, It can also be smudged/ moved through sage smoke or incense, my favourite way to cleanse is to place on a selenite charging plate or near selenite overnight. Or grab your singing bowl or singing crystals and give it a sound bath.avoid sunlight as it may fade your stone.

This listing is for one (1) SMOKY QUARTZ CORE Natural Point Weighing 19cm Measuring nearly 4.5cm at its longest point. You will receive the exact crystal  you see here! Deeply etched with some unusual  Akashic records all over its surface and even a little one on its face! It looks like an empath but it’s not - the corner bit that looks damaged is actually etching ! It will come to you Carefully gift wrapped with information about the properties of the crystal. Along with  my complimentary  Crystal care sheet. Rest assured every piece i supply has been hand chosen as if i was keeping it for myself

Crystal Blessings


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