UNEARTHED CRYSTALS- Aegirine with Smoky Quartz #04
UNEARTHED CRYSTALS- Aegirine with Smoky Quartz #04
UNEARTHED CRYSTALS- Aegirine with Smoky Quartz #04
UNEARTHED CRYSTALS- Aegirine with Smoky Quartz #04
UNEARTHED CRYSTALS- Aegirine with Smoky Quartz #04
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UNEARTHED CRYSTALS- Aegirine with Smoky Quartz #04

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UNEARTHED TREASURE Aegirine Cluster #4

Pure beautiful, black  shiny blades of Aegirine  with beautiful smoky quartz, shows this mineral at its best nestled amongst its original matrix fresh from mumma earth! A very unusual ’streak’s aegirine that is nestled right along side a smoky quartz natural point.

Known as the Stone of Integrity and Self,  it provides the courage and confidence to follow your true and right convictions. It encourages acceptance of self and others, and to follow your heart.

This divine specimen is truely a collectors specimen, if you a serious about collecting minerals you must have a piece of Aegirine In your collection



Remove Emotional Blockages ♥  Psychic attack Protection ♥ Confidence

Opens & balances the Base -Solar Plexus Chakras. Initiates energetic change in the things that need to be changed. Encourages teenagers to get out of bed in the morning. Strengthens integrity & helps with addictive behaviours

  • Crystal System:Monoclinic
  • Named after the Teutonic god of the sea. Acmite is from the Greek "point" in allusion to the pointed crystals
  • Hardness Mohs: 6-6.5
  • Aegirine is a member of the Pyroxene group, a sodium iron silicate that forms as long, prismatic crystals often terminated by a steep asymmetrical pyramid. It may also form as compact and fibrous disseminated grains. Opaque to translucent, it is dark in color, most often black, though sometimes greenish-black or brownish-black, and is commonly found in alkali-rich volcanic rock.
  • It is an excellent crystal for doctors, nurses or others who are continually exposed to the toxic energies of traditional hospital environments, and shields those in home office and workplace settings when constantly exposed to the electromagnetic fields of computers and electronics. [Ahsian, 5-6]
  • Aegirine expands the power of other stones in all healing situations by boosting the body's own ability to self-heal.
  • With its connection to the earth and the natural world, Aegirine activates a strong, protective energy, guarding the aura and physical body, as well as fortifying the Spirit in times of difficulty.
  • It helps eliminates negative thoughts, energies and attachments, and replaces them with the Light of the positive. It promotes wholeness and healing.
  • Aegirine provides an important ally in overcoming unhappiness, depression or hopelessness by dissolving negative emotional patterns and attitudes caused by blame, shame, guilt, worthlessness or self-pity.
  • Resonates with the base or root chakra .
  • Aegirine may also be used in awakening the Kundalini energy, and can help stabilize the energy fields as one moves through a Kundalini activation



Serenity ♥ Calmness ♥ Positive thoughts ♥ Calms fear ♥ Lifts depression ♥ Stability ♥ Practicality ♥ Intuition

An excellent grounding stone. It gently neutralizes negative vibrations & is detoxifying on all levels. Dispels nightmares & manifests dreams and is super helpful to dissipate emf’s

  • Silicon dioxide-mineral ranging in color from pale, smoky gray to deep brown and black
  • MOHS:7
  • CRYSTAL SYSTEM: trigonal
  • CHAKRA: base, earth star
  • A great talisman of the Root Chakra, an anchor in the natural world, drawing white light energy from the Crown down through the body to be deeply rooted into the physical plane
  • Hold Smoky Quartz to relieve tension and stress, anxiety, or panic attacks; also to ward off negative thinking, and to eliminate worry and doubt when faced with chaos or confusion.
  • Place Smoky Quartz in the home or work environment to filter out bad moods, unspoken resentments, or disparaging remarks that drain your strength and enthusiasm.
  • shield against co-worker bullying, hostility or gossip at work, or a bullying boss or manager, set dark Smoky Quartz points outwards on your desk in a semi-circle to create a calm, safe area in which to work
  • Because Smoky Quartz is naturally irradiated, it draws upon those frequencies to counter negative effects of radiation, including sunburn, exposure to radioactive materials, medical radiation and chemotherapy. [Ahsian, 367][Hall, 240-241][Gienger, 80][Eason, 122]


Any crystals used for energy work need to be regularly cleansed. I suggest placing in full moon moonlight to energize,and revitalise. To cleanse, It can also be smudged/ moved through sage smoke or incense, my favourite  way to cleanse is to place on a selenite charging plate or near selenite overnight please avoid water

This listing is for one (1) AEGIRINE  mineral cluster.

weighing  31.3grams

Measuring approx.5.5cm at its longest point ,

You will receive the exact crystal  pictured here  -I’ve taken many photos of the same crystal. The Natural markings and patterns on its surface are all part of its beauty- just like us every crystal is an individual being natural they are never perfect. Yours will arrive lovingly parcelled  in its own box along with a card describing the properties of the stone as well as a complimentary crystal care sheet.  Rest assured every piece i supply has been hand chosen as if i was keeping it for myself

Crystal Blessings


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