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multipul pictures of cathedral cluster
multipul pictures of cathedral cluster
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UNEARTHED TREASURE. Cathedral Quartz Cluster

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UNEARTHED TREASURE. Cathedral Quartz Cluster.


Cathedral Quartz is thought of as a “cosmic computer” or “light library” holding the records of existence for all beings. If you are searching for answers or a seeker of truth this is a powerful crystal to help manifest your wishes and dreams.

Cathedrals are also revered for attracting abundant energy. Energised and amplified by the tiny points at the base, the soft feminine energy of snow quartz is balanced with strong masculine clear tipped points. Each one of the main terminator points hides a phantom deep inside its matrix. These shadow formations are excellent to use to aid spiritual growth. They may help you if you are undergoing transitions of any sort within your life, they symbolize both growth & evolution. Clearing the path ready to manifest and move forward to where you want and NEED to be!


CATHEDRAL- LIGHTBURY or light library

Harmony ♥ Energy ♥ Healing  Togetherness ♥  Abundance  ♥ Group work        

One crystal surrounded by many other points all sharing a common base. Amplifies energy & thought, as well as other crystals. Lightworker crystals of intense high vibration - the main points often hold akashic records (the “book of life”)

  • Cathedral Quartz crystal is a variety of milky white to colorless quartz that is named for the way it forms as a crystal.
  • Cathedral quartz makes a powerful crystal for meditation and for access to the Akashic records. A library of information to be accessed.
  • Cathedral Quartz are also very helpful when working with and connecting to the vibration of other crystals. Cathedral Quartz create an energetic link with other crystals allowing for crystalline information to be “downloaded” so the knowledge may be examined and the guidance may be shared with all others.
  • Cathedral quartz facilitates harmonious learning in group settings and allows for cooperative growth.
  • Elestial “stepping” graces the faces of many of the main points- elestial’s aid to change in your life, & provide a stronger connection to spirit & to the angelic realms.
  • Elestial formations  amplify the energy of the mineral it is made from.
  • Use in Abundance grids & altars.

This listing is for one (1) CATHEDRAL QUARTZ CLUSTER weighing 194.7g and measuring approximately 5.5cm at its highest point by approx 5x5 cm at its base - see photos for details.  You will receive the exact crystal pictured. It comes packaged with its own box, with an information sheet about its energetic properties and my complimentary Fairy Leonie Crystal care sheet.

Rest assured every piece i supply has been hand chosen as if i was keeping it for myself

Crystal Blessings


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