UNEARTHED TREASURE- True Natural Congo Citrine Point
UNEARTHED TREASURE- True Natural Congo Citrine Point
UNEARTHED TREASURE- True Natural Congo Citrine Point
UNEARTHED TREASURE- True Natural Congo Citrine Point
UNEARTHED TREASURE- True Natural Congo Citrine Point
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UNEARTHED TREASURE- True Natural Congo Citrine Point

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If you are looking to manifest or create abundance you can not surpass the energy of Congo citrine. These are HIGHLY sought after through-out the world, so i can’t tell you how excited i am to have some to offer you. If you’ve been searching for true citrine then i beg you not to hesitate as these are so hard to source!

This citrine natural point is unassuming and shows all that is beautiful with raw specimens. Straight from Mumma earth it has beautiful natural growth interference  markings on its sides, a dolphin or mother and child formation and that trademark smoky honey colour - which as we all know tells us this has not been heat treated! A natural piece of this sizes lends its self to all sorts of uses- whether it be in a crystal grid, on your altar, place of business or to mediate with it.  If manifestation, abundance and prosperity are your desire- then natural citrine is for you!

The Magical Energetic Properties  NATURAL TRUE CITRINE   - Congo citrine                                                          

HAPPINESS & JOY                                               

Manifestation ♥ Prosperity ♥ Energy Abundance ♥ “The Merchants Stone”       

Attracts wealth, prosperity & success. Imparts joy, wonder, delight & enthusiasm. Use for mental & emotional clarity, problem solving, memory issues, will power, optimism, confidence & self-discipline. It reduces anxiety, fear  & depression.

  • Etmologty From citrina (colour as yellow as citron). 
  • Colour: Yellow - Orange - Smokey
  • Hardness: 7 on Mohs scale 
  • Chemical Properties
  • Formula: SiO2
  • Elements listed: O, Si
  • Crystal System: Trigonal
  • citrine colour is from aluminum-based and  natural irradiation
  • Natural Citrine does not hold or accumulate negative energy, but rather transmutes, dissipates, and grounds it, making it extremely protective for the environment. It works out problems on both the physical and subtle levels, transforming negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.
  • Citrine is a transparent, yellow variety of Quartz, ranging in colour from pale to golden yellow, honey or almost brown, and may contain rainbow or sparkle inclusions.
  • The name comes from the French word citron, meaning lemon.
  • The ancient Greeks used it as far back as 300 B.C., and because of its colour, is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Gold Topaz, Madeira or Spanish Topaz, or Safranite.
  • Much of the commercial Citrine on the market is heat-treated Amethyst or Smoky Quartz that produces an enhanced Citrine colour, usually a deeper amber or orange-reddish shade. Most Natural Citrine is a pale yellow colour.
  • Called “The solar plexus “ stone citrine transforms energy and negativity into positivity
  • Citrine activates opens and energizes the naval and solar plexus chakras, directing, via personal power, creativity, and intelligent decisiveness, the energy necessary to enhance the physical body. It stimulates both mental focus and endurance
  • Called The Merchant's Stone for its properties of increase in the cashbox, sparkling yellow Citrine not only assists in acquiring wealth, but helps in maintaining it.
  • Natural Citrine , placed where light catches them, clears unfriendly ghosts from an area. Sprinkle a Citrine elixir weekly to prevent the negative energies from returning.
  • Place in the wealth corner of your home or business, or in the cash box.
  • Citrine fades in sunlight.


I suggest placing in full moon moonlight to energize. True natural citrine actually doesn’t need cleansing . If you feel the need, It can also be moved through sage smoke or incense, my favourite is on a selenite charging plate or near selenite overnight. Please avoid keeping your citrine in full sunlight as it will fade its colour over time.

This listing is for one (1) CITRINE NATURAL POINT you will receive the exact piece pictured ( shown from various views) Weighing 32.6gAnd measuring just over 5.5cm at its longest point,2cm wide . Ive taken the trouble to photograph this in from many different angles so you can get a true feel for this mysterious colouring, amazing natural keys and etchings And striations on this unique formation. Lovingly wrapped in its own box and comes complete with an information card describing its metaphysical properties. Along with a complimentary crystal care card. Rest assured I hand choose only the best quality and this is a piece i’d keep for myself

crystal blessings


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