UNEARTHED TREASURE - yin Lemurian with hematite flecks
UNEARTHED TREASURE - yin Lemurian with hematite flecks
UNEARTHED TREASURE - yin Lemurian with hematite flecks
UNEARTHED TREASURE - yin Lemurian with hematite flecks
UNEARTHED TREASURE - yin Lemurian with hematite flecks
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UNEARTHED TREASURE - yin Lemurian with hematite flecks

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UNEARTHED TREASURE - Yin - female energy with specks of hematite ! 

You always know when a certain crystal is meant for you. Something about them captures you heart and you just know you need to work with its energy.  Lemurians in particular have a certain ‘call’. Mystical and magical there is a distinct aura to a lemurian crystal. When we connect to a certain piece we connect to the message and energy it contains. Lemurians connect  us to a grid of associated energies from the past to the earth, the stars, and beyond.

Lemurians have long considered one of the “master Healers” they remind us that we are all connected by spirit to a universal energy. If you are looking at some deeper spiritual work or a lightworker a lemurian could help you reach those deeper recesses into the spirit.

If you are a healer and find that some energy just can not be shifted this is where lemurians come into their own. Assisting to removing deep energy blockages and are perfect for meditation and ‘healing’ work.

And so i introduce you to this rarity- a female yin Lemurian crystal with hematite flecks. Yin crystals are all about the female goddess energy. Soft milky and gentle energy. Perfect for working with emotional trauma and hard energy blockages. One side you can see tiny specks of what looks like black spots - angle this baby and you will see them shine - hematite specks. Making this a beautifully balanced crystal for grounding work.


  • Crystal system: trigonal,
  • Moh's hardness : 7
  • CHAKRA(S): All especially Etheric  
  • VIBRATION: Number 1 & 4   
  • ZODIAC: All  
  • mineral class : silicates
  • From Brazil - minas gerais
  • All quartz crystals have 6 primary properties. They are able to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy, which includes matter, thought, emotion and information.
  • Keywords: Connection with the Divine feminine, connecting with the soul, access to knowledge & wisdom of Ancient Lemuria
  • Metaphysically quartz formations possess additional properties based on their geometry, the properties of numbers and other specific features.
  • They’re a crystal tool meant specifically for the energy healer, energy worker, or light worker.
  • Lemurian seed crystals are useful for personal healing, meditation, intuitive and energy work. In meditation the more they’re used, the more powerful they become!
  • There’s a difference between Lemurian Crystals and Lemurian Seed Crystals.
  • Lemurian Seed Crystals have an alternating pattern of a frosted side on the shaft and then a smooth, very transparent side, then a frosted side and a very transparent side, alternating all the way around.
  • Plain Lemurian Crystals will have a random pattern. For instance, one side is frosted, smooth, frosted, frosted, frosted, smooth. Or even all smooth or all frosted.
  • The Lemurian seed crystals are meant to give us a sense of unity, reminding us that we are all one consciousness. We are all beings of divine love no matter if we are good or bad, and what happens to one affects us all.
  • They have great formations, however many of the points do have some nicks and scratches on them. 


It is as simple as introducing yourself with gratitude to the crystal and welcoming it. Thank your Lemurian for finding you and while you do this connect with your heart chakra.  Treating the Lemurian Seed Crystal as an honored being.  Ask it to share its information with you. This may come immediately or eventually, it will be downloaded in dreams or visions or during meditation. It will come to you.  After you have connected to the Lemurian Seed Crystal, hold it in your hand and ask it to assist you with your healing work/energy work on this certain person for this particular task. You are essentially aligning with it to focus its energy on a specific task.  This is one of the jobs the Lemurian Seed Crystal's are here for and they happily do so. 

So what exactly is a Lemurian and where do they come from?

“Lemurian Seed Crystals” or "Lemurian Star Seeds",  Lemurian Quartz Crystals originally were found in Brazil.  Metaphysical Legend says that there was once an advanced ancient civilization called Lemuria, (similar to Atlantis), more spiritually developed and peaceful.  As the end of their time on Earth was coming to an end, the Lemurians programmed these crystals to teach their messages of oneness and healing - messages that would be revealed when the energy on Earth was ready to receive them.  The Lemurians then planted (or “seeded”) the Lemurian Crystals, encoded with their ancient knowledge and wisdom, to be found centuries later by us.
The legend continues to state that Lemurian Seed Crystals are planted in a grid pattern over the surface of the Earth and beyond, to other stars and dimensions.


Lemurians have a distinct appearance- look carefully and you will “bar codes” or horizontal striations or grooves, on one or more sides.  Commonly, the sides will have alternating striated and smooth faces.  Lemurian Quartz Crystals are often found in the shape of a Laser wand, where the faces at the tip of a Lemurian Crystal are small and gently taper in size from base to tip. Lemurians can come in all different sizes, and colours, but the shape should ALWAYS be a tapered wand shape—a little wider at the base and more tapered at the end.


Lemurian Quartz Crystals are a type of Quartz that you activate and or de-code, as opposed to Quartz that you can program.  The best way to tap into this knowledge is to use meditation. Sit quietly hold your crystal gently, close your eyes and deepen your breath, rub your finger along the “bar codes” on the side of a Lemurian Quartz Crystal to activate and download Lemurian knowledge and connect to the Lemurian energy grid.  Run you finger upward to access the crystal's information and downward to close the portal for receiving information.

HEALER ENERGY WORK: Like a Laser, Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals cut out the dis-eased or outworn, opening new energy channels in the subtle and physical bodies. They are master healers and may be used for any condition. Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals stimulate the immune system and bring the body into balance. Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals are excellent for soothing burns, harmonizing all the chakras and aligning the subtle bodies.Their structure  allows us to "climb" up the etheric levels of the body- the seven chakras and levels of being.


Any crystals used for energy work need to be regularly cleansed. I suggest placing in full moon moonlight to energize,and revitalise. To cleanse, It can also be smudged/ moved through sage smoke or incense, my favourite  way to cleanse is to place on a selenite charging plate or near selenite overnight. This is one of the very few cases where i advocate keeping this type of crystal for personal use only. 

This listing is for one (1) Lemurian Quartz yin point   Weighing 23.2g Measuring approx 7cm at its tallest point  . You will receive the exact crystal pictured above. Some of its unique features include si over specks of grounding hematite.

Yours will arrive lovingly parcelled along with a card describing the properties of the stone as well as a complimentary crystal care sheet.rest assured every piece i supply has been hand chosen as if i was keeping it for myself

Crystal Blessings


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