WEARABLE ENERGY. Peridot Wire Wrapped Necklace Pendant
WEARABLE ENERGY. Peridot Wire Wrapped Necklace Pendant
WEARABLE ENERGY. Peridot Wire Wrapped Necklace Pendant
WEARABLE ENERGY. Peridot Wire Wrapped Necklace Pendant
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WEARABLE ENERGY. Peridot Wire Wrapped Necklace Pendant

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Peridot Hand wire wrapped pendant necklace 

Yes the most difficult to source and the most delightful to work with. This green beauty is highly sought after.

Wrapped carefully in tarnish free silver 925 this princess is ready to adorn you body and infuse your energy shield.


Peridot is a popular stone for protection against difficulties and negativity. It is also often used to strengthen and purify the physical and energetic bodies. Peridot is considered a very joyful, warm, friendly stone that can ease anger and jealousy as well as encourage open-heartedness. It is also a stone of abundance and gratitude, and can help us to acknowledge and invite abundance, both material and spiritual, in our lives. Peridot is also helpful when it comes to recognizing patterns that have been causing blocks, so that you can move past them. In addition, peridot can help you to trust your own inner voice and become less attached to the guidance of others outside of you. 

  • Peridot, sometimes called chrysolite, is gem-quality olivine and a silicate mineral with the formula of (Mg, Fe)₂SiO₄. As peridot is a magnesium-rich variety of olivine, the formula approaches Mg₂SiO₄.
  • Its green colour is dependent on the iron contents within the structure of the gem.
  • Colour: Green, yellow-green
  • Chakra: Heart, Solar plexus
  • Number: Vibrates to 5, 6, and 7
  • Planet: Venus
  • Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
  • Elements: Wood
  • Origin: Brazil, Canada, Canary Islands, Egypt, Ireland, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, USA

Called “the extreme gem” by the Gemological Institute of America, Peridot is born of fire and brought to light, one of only two gems (Diamond is the other) formed not in the Earth’s crust, but in molten rock of the upper mantle and brought to the surface by the tremendous forces of earthquakes and volcanoes. While these Peridots are born of Earth, other crystals of Peridot have extraterrestrial origins, found in rare pallasite meteorites (only 61 known to date) formed some 4.5 billion years ago, remnants of our solar system’s birth. Peridot in its basic form, Olivine, was also found in comet dust brought back from the Stardust robotic space probe in 2006, has been discovered on the moon, and detected by instrument on Mars by NASA’s Global Surveyor. Ancients believed, quite accurately, that Peridot was ejected to Earth by a sun’s explosion and carries its healing power. [www.gia.edu][www.gemselect.com][en.wikipedia.org][www.peridot.com][Mella, 95-96]


With all my jewellery I suggest avoiding water. Use the full moon moonlight to energize. It can also be moved through sage smoke or incense, or on a selenite charging plate overnight. Please avoid water.

This listing is for one (1) Silver Plated Wire wrapped Peridot pendant. It will come with a  22 inch tarnish resistant necklace. 3.2g Total the stone itself measuring just over 1cm at its  longest point . It comes Along with a card explaining the energy of this “stone”, carefully gift wrapped with its own bag

crystal blessings



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