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Welcome To Fairy Leonie's Crystals Where Crystal Energy & Purpose Come Together!

Thank you for joining with me to explore the magical energies of crystals!

Whether you are beginning your journey or wishing to deepen & expand your knowledge I invite you to join with me and let me guide you. My wish is to inspire & empower you with tools from mother earth; to expand, explore and enhance your wellbeing. This website has been created for those of you who cannot physically access me and my purple crystal van of delicious shiny rocks, at local, markets and festival events.

I have been providing my local community with the tools to provide positive energy shifts through the use of crystals for over 20 years. My beautiful “Crystal Vibe Tribe" will tell you that my unique talent lies by intuitively selecting complimentary crystals to help their emotional needs. Sounds crazy I know! But it’s amazing what the power of a shiny rock can do to unlock our own journey to inner healing and wellbeing.

Every stone is hand selected by me with a specific intention and purpose – I choose as if I was keeping them for myself.  Each stone speaks to me – they whisper their purpose – its time to discover the messages in the beauty of nature together and let’s see if one whispers to you.

Let us begin the journey.

Crystal Blessings

Fairy Leonie xx