About me

Thank you so much for joining me - I truely hope you enjoy this site and I look forward to connecting with you soon! Here's little information about the "fairy" behind the crystals- I hope you enjoy xx

My true love for crystals has always been with me, as a child I collected rocks and shiny things wherever I travelled throughout the world. They have been my constant companion, through happy times and sadness. I surround myself with them to create sacred space in my studio and home. There are always a few shiny companions in my bra! 

I am a huge believer that to be happy in life you must follow your passion; this is why I have made working with crystals and sharing their energies my life’s work. My other passions are the environment ,cows, and cats! I live on a large cattle farm with my horse, cats and various adopted cows. Being connected to the earth energies I believe it is my responsibility to live a low impact lifestyle, to share my knowledge and continuously learn and grow. 

I've been based in the South West of Western Australia and self employed for 21 years. I feel so blessed to provide my local community with the tools and knowledge to provide positive energy shifts through the use of crystals.

I believe the best use of crystals is to keep them close to us , every crystal must have a purpose. If you have been lead to me it is maybe for this reason- my talents lie in finding the right crystal to work with the right person for the right reason at the right time. It is amazing what the power of a shiny rock can do to unlock our own journey to inner healing and wellbeing.

My mantra –“Crystals for purpose and intention, to create wellbeing, spiritual guidance and inspiration.“

I am not a rock seller for me it is all about matchmaking the energy for  wellbeing, healing and intention. Every piece available has a purpose, intention and a reason to be here. I am here to help you use crystals to add harmony and balance into your life as i do in person every weekend.  Every day I feel blessed to connect people with the energy of the crystal they need! You may not be able to touch the stones here! BUT you will find your intuition will lead you visually to the crystal you need to work with. You can rest assured they are all the very best quality available!

Thank you for joining with me to explore the magical energies of crystals!

Wishing you Crystal Blessings of Joy and Happiness 

Fairy Leonie x