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Charcoal tablets are used to burn resin incense or dhoop. They are a very ritualistic type practice where you “feed the block ( sprinkle ) with resins, powders, herbs and even spices. a must for any witch. These charcoal disc tablets are 100% natural and non toxic with no chemicals, made from compressed coconut shell they can easily be lit. These briquettes provide an odourless, smooth and even burn. They last much longer than the regular quick light coals, and can depending on the  what you are burning can last 30-50 minutes


Each pack of charcoal comes to you sealed in airtight foil. Once opened the natural dryness of the discs will cause them to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. To avoid moisture causing any difficulty lighting the discs at a later date please remember to store the opened packet in an airtight container, or at least wrap the remaining discs in aluminium foil.

Charcoal discs burn at an extremely high temperature so it is very important to use a suitable heat-proof surface or purpose made incense burner. I actually line my container with Himalayan salt  to stop any heat damage.

Lighting a charcoal disc is very straight forward.

  • Take a disc by the thumb and forefinger holding the depression side up. With a flame from a match, lighter or candle apply to the opposite end being held.
  • Once the charcoal begins to heat it will start to sparkle. Take care to notice that the sparks extinguish as prudent fire precaution.
  • Once alight place the charcoal on the incense burner and allow to completely ignite. This is when the line of sparks moves across the face of the disc and reaches the opposite side and subsides. Whilst this takes place smoke will rise which should not be inhaled.
  • Charcoal discs are bevelled at the base to allow air to be drawn through the block so to provide a ready source of oxygen. Placing salt, gravel or sand in the base of your burner improves the burning efficiency.
  • You are now ready to burn the incense of your choice. Add a little at a time, taking care not to smother the charcoal disc and replenish as necessary. This is a very relaxing ritualistic way to burn your incense.

I have actually done a video on Instagram of who to use these  click here to check it out

This listing is for one (1) roll of 10 pieces  charcoal disc tablets ( incense and stand is NOT included)

made in India.

29.4g per packet and discs circumference is approx 2.5cm

I never sell anything I dont use personally myself

Crystal Blessings


 Never leave a burning incense unattended , Please use in a well ventilated room and keep away from curtains and pets. Please burn on a heat proof surface.

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