Crystal set for enhancing Psychic Abilities, Intuition and Spiritual Downloads
Crystal set for enhancing Psychic Abilities, Intuition and Spiritual Downloads
Crystal set for enhancing Psychic Abilities, Intuition and Spiritual Downloads
Crystal set for enhancing Psychic Abilities, Intuition and Spiritual Downloads
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Crystal set for enhancing Psychic Abilities, Intuition and Spiritual Downloads

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My Top Crystals for Alignment, Spiritual Downloads, Psychic Abilities & Intuition


Crystals vibrate frequency that help us align, receive spiritual downloads, enhance psychic abilities and intuition.

With their help, we can become better at manifesting, better at visualizing, connecting to source and more importantly, better at trusting ourselves and the Divine.


So what crystals would I suggest to work with ??


Primarily crystals that work to enhance/ open higher chakras and that clear and cleanse the auric field to rid negativity


Clear Quartz

Opens the crown chakra and amplifies other crystals’ energies. It helps to have one close by when meditating and doing other spiritual work. The stone of positivity and harmony works on a high vibe frequency.

Placed at the soul star chakra pointed with the tip down towards the crown to “download” information.



Works with the third eye and crown chakras. Promoting lucid dreaming and is used by shamans to facilitate astral travel as well as outer body experiences.

Apophyllite infuses the aura and physical body with high frequency light energy and has exceptionally strong links to the spiritual world.

Perfect to use in meditation to open the mind and bring about inner peace.



This iridescent stone stimulates your intuition and other psychic abilities. It brings information to your unconscious mind so you can end up at the right place at the right time.

It bolsters your faith in yourself and in the universe, which are prerequisites for intuition. It allows us to be contemplative and introspective and links intellect with intuitive wisdom.

Renown as the stone of transformation its exceptionally beneficial to work with during life transitions. If you want to connect with the spirit of someone dear to you who has passed away, keep a Labradorite close by.

Then you need to light a candle and protect the space by smudging it with some sage. Get your notepad and pencil ready. Meditate, and imagine the person that has passed and start asking questions. See if you get any answers and start writing them down.



This icy blue stone channels divine message and signs into physical awareness. Blue resonates with the throat chakra- enhancing communication by opening the crown and third eye this is a ‘seasoned’. Communicating with angels and spiritual beings- it is a crystal that is most aligned with our spirit guides and higher self.

Use whilst meditating- I keep a piece with my tarot cards and divination tools






This beautiful crystal connects with the crown chakra and attracts light into any darkness in the mind, body and soul. Keep this stone close by while drinking chamomile tea, and it will wash your worries away. It helps open your mind to intuitive thinking. Selenite is a popular crystal for psychics.

This stone also helps to protect against negative energy and psychic forces that may try to attack you. Self clearing and cleansing crystal that never needs cleansing itself


Blue kyanite

“The stone of alignment”

This High Vibration Crystal is a very powerful energy conductor, best known for its ability to align all of the Chakras without conscious effort. The most important aspect of this magnificent stone is how it doesn’t just absorb negative energy, but actually dispels it. It’s  a force of nature. Perfect to use on low level entities you are wishing to move on.

This beautiful stone helps with dream recall and would be perfect to have close for positive vibrations and high protection work.


I have curated some beautiful packs containing all of these crystals

THIS Listing is for one (1)

X1 apophyllite cluster

X1 Devic temple clear quartz natural crystal point

X1 Blue kyanite raw “blade”

X1 Selenite wand

X1Raw Celestite chunk

X7 tumbled labradorite stones

You will receive the exact set pictured along with information for each stone

Enjoy the energy

Crystal blessings


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