Ancestral Trauma Crystal Prescription Kit
Ancestral Trauma Crystal Prescription Kit
Ancestral Trauma Crystal Prescription Kit
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Ancestral Trauma Crystal Prescription Kit

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Ancestral energy is primarily held within our base chakra

The base chakra governs our basic needs for good health in the body, a sense of connection to the Earth, and feeling supported and stable in the physical world. When we experience trauma , it’s the base chakra which holds our emotional Energy. The feeling of groundedness comes from this energetic center so if we hold trauma, the root chakra governs the symptoms of disassociating, feeling unsafe, and feeling unbalanced.

I’ve curated kit of 7 crystals

  • GREEN TOURMALINE: transforms negative energy into positive energy, allowing one to "see with the heart" and observe life's miracles. Place on the base or heart chakra
  • RHODONITE: is a powerful stone that stimulates, clears, and activates the heart chakra – an important chakra for inner child healing. Place on the heart chakra
  • MOOKAITE: helps with an understanding of emotional & behavioural patterns passed down through lineage. Enables us to break free from familial story. Facilitates new beginnings, insight comfort & nurture. Use on sacral chakra
  • BLUE KYANITE: The Throat Chakra is the voice of the body. It is, in essence, a pressure valve that allows the energy from the other chakras to be expressed. When balanced & open, it allows for the expression of what we think & what we feel. Works best with the throat chakra
  • BLACK TOURMALINE: Transmutes negative energy into positive energy.Highly protective- grounds & clears the Base chakra
  • SMOKEY QUARTZ: Disperses fear, lifts depression & negativity. Emotional calmness. Helps put your own needs first, manifests the strength to tackle challenges. Works best with the base chakra and third eye
  • SELENITE: use as a brush to swipe your aura3 inches away from your body to cut chords- unhealthy draining ties. Exceptional self cleansing crystal will cleanse yourself & other stones. Avoid water - NEVER needs cleansing.

Work with a combination or just one stone at a time- go with your instincts. Use surgical tape to place in position on the body. Chakras are suggestions only you may feel the need to place elsewhere

This offering is for one (1) kit of 7pieces plus a fair trade recycled sari bag all gift boxed with a card to explain the properties of the crystals. Sizes of the crystals go from 2cm to approx 5cm . You will receive a crystal pack similar to the ones pictured

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