Beginning Your Crystal Journey ESSENTIAL DELUXE KIT
Beginning Your Crystal Journey ESSENTIAL DELUXE KIT
Beginning Your Crystal Journey ESSENTIAL DELUXE KIT
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Beginning Your Crystal Journey ESSENTIAL DELUXE KIT

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Beginning your crystal journey

I have hand chosen these beautiful crystals for those of you beginning your crystal journey.

A beautiful selection of my must have basics, top quality and all beautifully boxed to make a perfect gift for someone just starting their journey or simply to keep for yourself. Each stone has been selected for a specific purpose. Together the whole set works for chakra alignment and balance and are fabulous for harmony and energy work. Every stone works individually too- I have included information on the properties of each stone as well as photographic identification. I’ve even popped in a lovely fair trade recycled sari carry pouch- designs may vary slightly from set to set.


Clear Quartz Raw Point  A gorgeous a grade natural point from Brazil. THE power crystal for positivity and harmony. I use these to activate grids, channel the energy of other crystals in specific directions. My all time FAVOURITE crystal- so good for crystal healing body layouts, crystal grids almost anything you could use a crystal for!!

Amethyst Cluster ♥ Is a must have basic for anyone on their crystal journey, Clusters work as fabulous room harmonizers, Amethyst in particular is best used by the side of your bed as a natural tranquillizer. Particularly good for children who have night terrors and nightmares.I am also a huge fan of "aura combing" with this awesome structure. Did you know amethyst clusters can be used to recharge other crystals?!

Sodalite Tumble ♥ The stone of clarity and my top pick for anxiety and panic attacks. Sodalite helps us to see the bigger picture clearly and logically work through any emotional triggers

Aventurine Tumble ♥ This deceptively plain looking crystal has literally a wealth of abundant energy! Prosperity, abundance, health and wealth. Keep this in the wealth corner of your house or if you have a business in the till or your accounting area.

Rose Quartz Tumble ♥ The must have essential stone for everyone! Probably the worlds best known crystal- the stone of love. Not necessarily romantic love but can be self-love or even a stone for friendship. Want some nurturing and comfort? This baby is for you.

Citrine Tumble ♥ Happy happy happy joy joy joy! Uplift energizes and revitalizes the spirits. Known as the stone of happiness, its yellow energy channels the positive vibes of the sun. Having a low day? Keep this happy face close and tap into its energy.

Carnelian Tumble ♥ Number one on my revitalizing list, also a fabulous stone for self-esteem and courage! Got that sinking feeling in your stomach when the energy is “off” somewhere? Keep carnelian close for the grounding protective vibes and to lift the energy.

Tiger-eye Tumble ♥ No ones collection is complete without a piece of tiger-eye. Only the best pieces from South Africa for you guys! THE “good luck” stone. Particularly good for children and travellers- the safe travel stone by helping us to remain grounded protected and gives the energy of personal empowerment.

Obsidian Tumble ♥ Protection and purification energy from this awesome crystal- well actually its lava that cooled very very fast usually in water. Game of thrones fans will know this as “dragon glass”. Grounding, protecting purifying and can be used for manifestation.

Your Deluxe Kit comes complete with one (1) of each stone of each stone (sizes vary in-between 2 to 3.5 cm)

Raw clear quartz point

Amethyst cluster

Sodalite tumbled stone

Aventurine tumbled stone

Rose quartz tumbled stone

Citrine tumbled stone

Carnelian tumbled stone

Tiger-eye tumbled stone

Obsidian tumbled stone

This listing is for one (1) Basic Essential Kit containing one of each of the 9 crystals listed above

All crystals in my packs complete with crystal information sheet, crystal care sheet and sari recycled pouch for safekeeping. Please be aware that you will receive an intuitively picked set similar to those pictured above. Crystals are natural gifts from mother earth and no two are the same. Sizes shapes and colours will change due to the nature of natural crystals. Colour and design of the pouch may vary from the one shown in the example picture.

Crystals are not perfect so Imperfections, natural “empathetic” chips are all part of the charm of the natural beauty the stones we do not consider this as breakage or damage- please read the description and look at the photos carefully. Or contact us for more information

Crystal Healing should be used with the understanding that it is part of a holistic treatment plan. It is not meant to take the place of medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany & work alongside. The information I supply herein is metaphysical in nature & does not claim to heal or cure


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