Cancer Wellbeing Support Crystal Prescription Kit
Cancer Wellbeing Support Crystal Prescription Kit
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Cancer Wellbeing Support Crystal Prescription Kit

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Cancer Wellbeing Support Crystal Prescription Kits

There is hardly a single one of us who has not been touched by cancer. Whether it be a loved one, someone you know or you are experiencing your own journey. Crystals can be used as a holistic tool to work alongside medical & psychological treatment.They should always be used with the understanding that their energy can help support our emotional & energetic needs.

This beautiful set has been created to help with a feeling of harmony, peace & healing. Smoky quartz strengthens and stabilises the body’s energy field and is brilliant to negate the side effects of chemo or radiation. Amber purifies the body’s vibrations and is well known for its anti inflammation properties. I have used carnelian to energise the immune system to achieve better health. Clear quartz amplifies the properties of the other crystals bringing positivity and harmony. Amethyst for calmness and inner peace.

I have designed this set to ALL work together in harmony or separately for many people ask if it’s ok to combine crystals energy. Its no secret that I go by intuition and I suggest the same for you - each one of us has different needs- at one time you may feel the need to use one or maybe combine more to amplify and add to the energies you wish to use. Go with your instincts there is no right or wrong, most of all enjoy your shiny treasures.


Amethyst ♥ Master healer- Creates harmony, inner peace & healing.

Smoky Quartz ♥ The no1 crystal for support during chemotherapy to negate side effects. Strengthens & stabilizes the body’s energy field.

Amber ♥ Purifies the vibrations of the entire body. Anti-inflammatory properties to boost the immune system. Highly protective.

Clear Quartz ♥ THE master healer- Creates positive energy, enabling a feeling of wellbeing & strength.

Carnelian ♥ Energizes the immune system, & assists to achieve better health.

Your Prescription Kit Crystals comes complete with one (1) of each stone (sizes vary in-between 2 to 3.5 cm)

Amethyst tumble stone

Smoky quartz tumble 

Raw amber piece

Raw clear quartz point

Carnelian tumbled stone

Sari carry bag

Crystal Information Card

Fairy Leonie’s Complimentary cleansing information card




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