Celestial bell
Celestial bell
Celestial bell
Celestial bell
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Celestial bell

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Celestial Bell for Altar, Rituals, and Ceremonies- Designed for the star gazers!

These lacquered brass bells are adorned with stars and moons. Perfect for the Night witch or any who like to wander among the stars. These small bells make a delicate sound creating comfort and spreading joy. Both their design and tone make them perfect gifts, especially for festivals.From astrologers to travelers, the stars hold an appeal to us all. These celestially inspired bells make perfect additions to altar spaces, mantles, and tables. The metal painting and lacquer will vary from the photo.

Brass is associated with:

* Power

* Prosperity

* The Sun

* The Element of Fire

This offering is for just one (1) bell. Each measures approximately 4cm tall x 1 inch (2.5 x 3.8 cm) at widest portion. You will receive a bell similar to the ones pictures. Made from brass

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