COPPER Wearable Raw Energy Natural Pendant Wire Wrapped Necklace
COPPER Wearable Raw Energy Natural Pendant Wire Wrapped Necklace
COPPER Wearable Raw Energy Natural Pendant Wire Wrapped Necklace
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COPPER Wearable Raw Energy Natural Pendant Wire Wrapped Necklace

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Copper natural pendant

Well since ancient times copper has been used for healing and conducting energy flow, especially for arthritis and rheumatism as well as blood and metabolism disorders. Metaphysically is it one of the best conductors of energy and helps the healing effect of any stones when both a placed on the body. If your health is compromised or you are in need of serious grounding this could be the ideal helper.


Copper will oxidise over time and get that gorgeous green patina.

Although you should always take your copper  off before you shower so that it does not get wet. Water tarnishes the copper and causes it to discolour, copper can with stand a bit of water and sweat.

Wearing genuine copper, and using the metal in various forms, is not only great for healing aches and pains but, as Indian legend claims, copper is also known for its spiritual ability to keep all kinds of evil at bay, and bless you with positivity and wealth.

The metaphysical properties of copper are:

Decision-making: It makes the wearer optimistic and encourages them to make the right decisions and initiative. Basically, it helps develop a sense of independence and a positive approach.

Combat Lethargy: Copper helps fight passiveness and laziness and removes the feeling of dissatisfaction from relationships. It enhances love and helps you embrace your true self.

Dispel negative energy: It transforms the negative vibes into positive ones and enhances the overall aura around the wearer.

Inner-Vision: It stimulates the inner-vision of the wearer which leads to a better understanding of the situations and any difficult phases in life.

Self-esteem: It is said to boost self-esteem eventually resulting in better confidence and communication skills.

Free from Mental burden: Copper is believed to have energies that influence amplified thoughts and free the wearer from any mental burden or stress.

Stabilizes Intuition: It stabilizes the intuitions of the wearer and helps become a vitalized being.

Emotional Healing: It is observed that copper helps in emotional healing by cleansing and purifying the wearer as it revitalizes the flow of energy.

I have handwrapped  this natural copper piece in copper wirE

This listing is for 1 ( one) copper pendant and rose gold chain . You will receive the exact pendant pictured. The pendants length including bail is approx 3cm and just over 1cm at its widest point.

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