CRYSTALS FOR COMFORT Selenite Angel Wing Engraved Heart
CRYSTALS FOR COMFORT Selenite Angel Wing Engraved Heart
CRYSTALS FOR COMFORT Selenite Angel Wing Engraved Heart
CRYSTALS FOR COMFORT Selenite Angel Wing Engraved Heart
CRYSTALS FOR COMFORT Selenite Angel Wing Engraved Heart
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CRYSTALS FOR COMFORT Selenite Angel Wing Engraved Heart

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Heart shaped crystals increase loving energy and combined with the symbology of beautifully etched angel wings this truely is a crystal for healing the heart.

The pure, high vibrational energy of Selenite is like liquid light.  It shifts your aura and energetic vibration to attune with higher energy, almost like a defrag for your aura, because low vibrational energy attracts negativity. 


  • Selenite is commonly found in the deep caves of Mexico, Morocco and Madagascar and the raw crystal formations can be as long as 35 feet. Some of the largest crystals ever found are of selenite, the largest specimen found in the Naica Mine's Cave of the Crystals being 12 metres long and weighing 55 tons.
  • Selenite, also known as satin spar, desert rose, or gypsum flower are four crystal structure varieties of the mineral gypsum. These four varieties of gypsum may be grouped together and called selenite.
  • Peach Selenite, also known as Orange or Red Selenite has exceptionally pure energy.
  • it is named after Greek σεληνη "the moon".
  • Selenite if selenite crystals show translucency, opacity, and/or colour, it is caused by the presence of other minerals, sometimes in druse (a crust of tiny, minute, or micro crystals that form or fuse either within or upon the surface of a rock vug, geode, or another crystal)
  • Satin spar- most often silky, fibrous, and translucent (pearly, milky); can exhibit some coloration-the satin spar name can also be applied to fibrous calcite (a related calcium mineral) – calcite is a harder mineral – and feels greasier, waxier, or oilier to the touch.
  • All varieties of gypsum, including selenite and alabaster, are composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate .
  • Selenite contains no significant selenium, the similarity of the names of the substances coming from the Ancient Greek word for the Moon.
  • Crystal system: monoclinic
  • Mohs scale of hardness:2
  • Chakras: all
  • Selenite is a popular crystal when it comes to cleansing and clearing the home or office space. It dispels negative energy and enhances clarity, focus and creates calm in any space
  • Clears negative energy
  • Cleanses and charges other crystals
  • Self-cleansing
  • Its’ calming properties makes it ideal for meditation and spiritual work
  • Enhances team spirit in groups and organisations
  • Perfect crystal for gridding the home or property and healing the heart
  • Calms nightmares
  • Good for memory
  • Aids physical balance


Angel Wings Selenite – Crystal Healing

In crystal healing, Angel Wings Selenite is the ideal crystal to place on the Soul Star, an energy centre that sits above the Crown Chakra. The Soul Star is your quintessential integration point between the Cosmos and your Crystalline Matrix (Energetic Body’s & Physical Body). Your gifts, talents, past life memory’s and potential future reality’s are all held within this energy centre, and it is here that your life review takes place when you die and your soul leaves the physical body.

When placed on your Soul Star during a healing or personal meditation session, Angel Wings Selenite opens and expands this energy centre, assisting you to bring forward your soul memory’s into your conscious mind. Selenite facilitates access to these memory’s not only to assist your own growth toward your soul’s highest potential in this lifetime, but also for the highest good of all humanity.

As your Soul Star expands, Angel Wings Selenite facilitates the movement of energy along your Hara Line, the vertical line of energy that connects your Crystalline Matrix into the electromagnectic ley-lines and portals of planet Earth. Selenite strengthens your Hara Line connection, thus assists you in bringing your goals and dreams from our Soul into a physical reality here on Earth.

If you are feeling lost, having difficulty with manifestation, or undergoing any major life transitions, Angel Wings symbolise the ideal crystal to bring about major transformation and abundance on all levels.

Try placing this under your pillow at night, to facilitate connecting with your higher self during the dream state. Selenite reminds you that you are only limited by our own perceptions and beliefs. Thus once you allow yourself to move beyond the threshold of your believed limitations, you have access to an unlimited source of potentialities.

Placed on the heart chakra to heal. purify will help cleanse the heart chakra.

Puffy hearts make excellent worry stones and palm stones.


please avoid water as this will damage your mineral. Selenite never needs cleansing but you may need to physically clean it- Simply use a damp cloth.

This listing is for 1 ( one)  etched angel wing Selenite heart .You will receive a heart similar to the one pictured. Each selenite heart is unique in texture & pattern—they are all beautiful and unique- none are perfect. The size average around 8cm and weigh approx 114g. You will receive a heart SIMILAR to those pictured – colour, size, thickness, shape of the crystals may vary. Yours will arrive lovingly parcelled in a special storage bag bag along with a card describing the properties of the stone AND will also receive a complimentary crystal care sheet.Each piece is chosen carefully and vetted for quality.

crystal blessings



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