Crystals for Love #4 APOPHYLLITE with Stilbite
Crystals for Love #4 APOPHYLLITE with Stilbite
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Crystals for Love #4 APOPHYLLITE with Stilbite

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Crystals of Love

“Universal Love & Peace” #4 PEACH STILBITE with APOPHYLLITE 

The magic of the laws of attraction is as simple as this- ask and you will receive! I am a huge believer in the giving out to the universe and maybe just maybe you in turn will be rewarded. In order to receive love we must first give love. Connect to the universal energy give out to the universe.

Apophyllite And Stilbites Unique Magical Energies

PeachStilbite is especially helpful with loving, creative energy, accepting, allowing, letting go, manifesting & gentle self-expression. Stilbite in Clusters reminds you that you are loved & cared for regardless of your circumstances. Stilbite raises our consciousness of universal love.

Apophyllite is an intensely spiritual light worker stone. Each piece has a unique vibration that connects with its user. Use apophyllite to promote happiness, joy bringing bright energy into your life. It is an excellent stone for helping people suffering with depression. When placed on the body the natural pyramidal tips draw down positive energy into the chakras & draw away negative energy from the body. It can activate & cleanse making it a wise choice for you altar, home or workplace

This listing is for one (1) 118g 7.5cm longest point, 6cm at widest and approx. 4cm high                                                                                               

This has the absolute wow factor with giant cathedral tipped apophyllite points formed in beautiful layers amongst a sea of creamy peach sparkly silbite. In some places you can see the fanlike formation at the side of the stilbite. A lovely tight compact piece, which would fit lovingly in your hand ready to impart its loving energy

YES! You will receive this exact unique crystal pictured - photo shows views of the same crystal this is for one crystal only. This will arrive lovingly parceled along with a crystal information sheet describing the properties of the stone, and my complimentary Fairy Leonie Crystal care sheet with a gift bag!


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