Crystals for Spiritual Awakening #8 "FOLLOW THE LIGHT" Apophyllite
Crystals for Spiritual Awakening #8 "FOLLOW THE LIGHT" Apophyllite
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Crystals for Spiritual Awakening #8 "FOLLOW THE LIGHT" Apophyllite

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Crystals for Spiritual Awakening

“Follow the Light” #8 PURE APOPHYLLITE CLUSTER light workers cluster 

What intentions do you hold deep in your heart? Are you looking for positive change, peace or financial stability? Whatever it is we can use the magical energy of crystals to amplify your intentions to call it forth. Hold this beauty in palm of your hands to manifest your hearts desires. Get lost in the depth of her sparkles let her bring her properties of joy, happiness and bright light into your life.

Apophylite’s Unique Magical Energetic Properties

Apophyllite is an intensely spiritual light worker stone. Each piece has a unique vibration that connects with its user.Use apophyllite to promote happiness, joy bringing bright energy into your life. It is an excellent stone for helping people suffering with depression. When placed on the body the natural pyramidal tips draw down positive energy into the chakras & draw away negative energy from the body. It can activate & cleanse making it a wise choice for you altar, home or workplace

This listing is for one (1) 67g 8cm long, 4.5cm wide and approx. 2cm deep

Slender and narrow this is a very uniform creation which gives a very even energy. Perfect to cradle I your hands as you mediate on higher guidance.

YES! You will receive this exact unique crystal pictured - photo shows views of the same crystal this is for one crystal only. This will arrive lovingly parceled along with a crystal information sheet describing the properties of the stone, and my complimentary Fairy Leonie Crystal care sheet and a gift bag!



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