Divination tool cleansing kit - tarot-oracle
Divination tool cleansing kit - tarot-oracle
Divination tool cleansing kit - tarot-oracle
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Divination tool cleansing kit - tarot-oracle

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Clearing and cleansing my decks are like hitting the reset button to ensure a purer energetic reading. It also refreshes my memory and reconnects me to cards I haven’t used in a while.  Its also a good idea to cleanse your cards , yourself or your reading space to clear out any energy around you before you begin your work. Smudging yourself before and after readings (especially when reading for someone else) is a common practice with many readers.


Clear quartz – Cleanses the deck. It also amplifies the energy of the cards.

Selenite – Cleansing and connecting with spirit guides.

Black tourmaline – Grounding. Absorbs negative energy.

Kyanite - I actually keep a piece permanently with my cards. It’s so high vibrational that it never needs cleaning whilst it’s cleansing/guarding your cards. It also repels negative energy!

You can place crystals under, between, or on top of your cards. A special bag with crystal chips can also house your cards.

This listing is for one (1) DIVINATION CLEANSINg KiT You will receive a similar kit to the one pictured.these are natural raw crystals so sizes, colours and shapes will vary but rest assured they are all hand chosen by myself as if I was keeping them for me !!! It comes packaged with an information sheet about their energetic properties and my complimentary Crystal care sheet.

Kit will include

One flower of life printed velvet bag 13cmx17 cm to fit a standard deck of cards

One selenite mini wand approx 5.5cm in length

One raw piece of blue kyanite  approx 3cm

One raw black tourmaline  crystal approx 2cm

One clear Quartz natural point approx 3-4 cm


Crystal Blessings


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