Evil Eye large protection charm
Evil Eye large protection charm
Evil Eye large protection charm
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Evil Eye large protection charm

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The Nazar also known as the evil eye, represents a watchful gaze that protects us for harm, jealousy and malevolent energy coming your way. The Turkish version of the  depicts it as a circle of dark blue glass with 3 smaller circles set within it. These are:

  • White “eyeball”
  • Light blue “iris,”
  • A black “pupil” at the center

The dark blue colour represents positive energy, good karma and protection.

the light blue represents the colour of the sky and symbolises truth and there fore provides direct protection.

A symbol of positivity and good luck.The eye stares out at the world to ward off the evil eye and keep us safe.

The History of the Evil Eye, an Ancient Symbol of Protection

There are dozens of amulets, prayers, and rituals that people across the world believe they can use to both protect themselves from the curse and get rid of it. The nazar (most popular in Turkey and greece), a royal blue glass bead with circles in the middle resembling a pupil. These symbols can  even be found in homes and on people of every faith from West Asia to Central America, placed on front doors, made into door knobs, worn as jewelry, draped on furniture, or simply placed around the person being protected. These talismans remain extremely common in homes of every faith. And in many parts of the world, prayer or invoking God’s name is considered one of the strongest ways to ward off the Evil Eye.

Belief in the evil eye—“mati”—dates back to at least the 6th century B.C. when it appeared on drinking vessels.

It is a curse or legend believed to be cast by this malevolent glare, and usually given to a person when they are unaware.

Handcrafted from glass , the “Nazar Boncuk” (“nazar boncugu” in turkish). The word Nazar” comes from the Arabic language, and it means “look”; Boncuk” means “pearl”, so literally “pearl of the look”. So it protects the jealous and envious look of others, which, according to the popular belief, would have the power to cause various misfortunes to a person or their property. Turkish people believe that this amulet protects its holder from the bad energies by absorbing them-

If a Nazar Boncuk breaks or cracks, it means that the talisman has performed its duties and absorbed a bad eye, so it must be replaced immediately.

Where to Place the evil eye

The most common place is at the entry of your home. You can place the Evil Eye anywhere in the house such as the living room, office space, garden or patio. The object would neutralise the negative gaze of the viewer and balance the emotions thus bringing harmony and peace.


This listing is for one (1) EVIL EYE BLUE AMULET WALL HANGING BLUE ROUND GLASS a huge 13cm and weighing in at over 400g. it comes with a simple blue ribbon to hang in your home.

handcrafted in turkey 100% handmade glass. extremely limited edition

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