Feng shui salt water cure
Feng shui salt water cure
Feng shui salt water cure
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Feng shui salt water cure

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The salt water cures are powerful and a popular feng shui cure that helps clear the negative energy from our homes and harmonise the good energy within.This is an annual feng shui cure- every lunar chinese new year you throw out the cure which holds all the years bad energy and start again with a new one 

The salt water cure is simply positioned in a chosen place within the specific bagua area that is affected by the negative annual stars. It is usually placed away from any active areas, so as to avoid disturbing it- keep,away from pets and children

I highly recommend professional help to look at the flying stars for the areas of your home But I have given you a bagua to work out where you think it may be the best area to help.

Salt cure kit contains :

🎎glass container


🎎6 Chinese coins



Your instructions will tell you How  to set up and Where To Place Your Salt Water Cure

All you need to do is provide a  protective mat and fill with water .

Salt water cures draw in negative energy for the year


As the water evaporates, top it up. Over time salt will crust around the top and you’ll know that it’s working.

It can take anything from a few days to several weeks.Eventually, even the coins will become corroded. 

This is a very good sign and indicates that it is working. At the end of the Chinese Year, dispose of the cure completely. Do not be tempted to re-use it. As you dispose of it, you are disposing of the year’s bad luck and negative energy!


This listing is for one (1) salt water cure - similar to the one pictured

And contains glass container


6 Feng shui coins

Bagua chart


White sage


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