Hamsa Incense Burner- SCENTUAL DELIGHTS
Hamsa Incense Burner- SCENTUAL DELIGHTS
Hamsa Incense Burner- SCENTUAL DELIGHTS
Hamsa Incense Burner- SCENTUAL DELIGHTS
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Hamsa Incense Burner- SCENTUAL DELIGHTS

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These Hamsa incense burners will serve those of you who heavily utilize the magic of smoke and scent in your ceremonies. This beautiful Graceful design is familiar to many of us - the hamsa or hand of Fatima appears in many cultures and symbolises protection as well as abundance and happiness. So perfect to burn offerings to protect as well as to manifest prosperity.

This is a multipurpose burner, made from high quality aluminium,  not only can you burn your incense AND cones but use it in on your altar, meditation space or  or add to your crystal grid.  

The meaning of the Hand of Fatima

The Hamsa hand or Hand of Fatima is an important symbol of happiness in the Middle East and North Africa.

The hand of Fatima -Fatima was the most favorite daughter of the prophet Mohammed. Her hand stands for happiness, loyalty and support.

The Hand of Fatima is also called "Hamsa". Hamsa means five, and the hand has five fingers. This also symbolizes the five columns of Islam.

Sometimes you also see an eye in the palm of the hand. This eye is called the "Nazar", and it protects against negative energy. You can also see this eye in this Hamsa hand incense holder. 

To burn :

Simply put the stick in the hole or you can place the cone on the hand. An incense holder provides support for your sticks and a fireproof surface for cones. In addition, the holder naturally ensures that the ash is collected.

**Please use responsibly, never leave a burning item unattended, or near anything that might catch fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets**

This listing is for one (1) hamsa Incense burner

You will receive one similar to the ones pictured . Made from Aluminium measuring approx 12.3cm at its longest point and 10cm across the hand weighing approx 55g

You will receive  a beautiful burner similar to those pictured it will come gift wrapped with care and a complimentary box of incense

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