Headache & Migraine Crystal Prescription Kit
Headache & Migraine Crystal Prescription Kit
Headache & Migraine Crystal Prescription Kit
Fairy Leonie's Crystals

Headache & Migraine Crystal Prescription Kit

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Headache & Migraine Crystal Prescription

“Ask, Believe, Receive- Trust In Your Body’s Power To Heal” Fairy Leonie

These beautiful Hand selected Crystals I have chosen for their Complementary Energy to help relax, calm & sooth in times of physical distress. To encourage wellbeing & metaphysical support, crystals used in wellbeing and Healing should be used with the understanding that they are part of a holistic treatment plan.

We do not mean them to take the place of medical treatment, but to accompany and work alongside it.  

It’s all about how the flow of energy –one of my suggested ways of working with crystals is to use them physically on your body.

Find a quiet place to lie down, place your choice of crystals on your forehead. Leave in place for at least 10 minutes, feeling the weight of the stones energy vibrate into your body to melt away tension and stress.

I have designed this set where the crystals can all work together in harmony or you are more than welcome to use them separately or in combination. Each one of us has different energy needs- Go with your instincts there is no right or wrong, most of all enjoy your shiny treasures.

Because of the nature of their work- your crystals will need to be cleansed regularly to help give them their optimum energy use. Personally I’d suggest using these crystals close to you, pop in your bra or place in a crystal macramé stone pouch necklace holder. See wearable energy for details. Enjoy the healing radiant vibrations these crystals have to give.


Aquamarine ♥ Attacks negative energy to spread positive energy throughout the body. Very calming for stress related headaches.

Smoky Quartz ♥ Gently rub on your temples, neck & shoulders to relieve tension. For grounding & positive energy

Rose Quartz ♥ Relieve anxiety & balance the emotions with self-loving positive energy vibrations. Lie quietly & focus on the loving crystal energy in your hand.

Amethyst ♥ Cleanses emotional blockages that may provoke headaches. Known as the master healer for its natural tranquilizing effect.

Your Prescription Kit Crystals comes complete with one (1) of each   (sizes vary in-between 2 to 3.5 cm)

Aquamarine tumbled stone

Smoky Quartz tumbled stone

Rose quartz tumbled stone

Amethyst tumbled stone

Sari carry bag

Crystal Information Card

Fairy Leonie’s Complimentary cleansing information card



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