Life’s Purpose Crystal Prescription Kit
Life’s Purpose Crystal Prescription Kit
Life’s Purpose Crystal Prescription Kit
Fairy Leonie's Crystals

Life’s Purpose Crystal Prescription Kit

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Life’s Purpose Crystal Prescription Kit

“ You Are Always One Decision Away From A Totally Different Life” Fairy Leonie

Sometimes plans fall through, maybe new opportunities arrive and your not sure of the next step or are you simply lost on where & what to do? I have Hand chosen these Crystals to help with some direction and grounding, to give clarity to your life’s direction and purpose                           

Many people ask if it’s ok to combine crystals energy. Its no secret that I go by intuition and I suggest the same for you - each one of us has different needs- at one time you may feel the need to use one or maybe combine more to amplify and add to the energies you wish to use. Go with your instincts there is no right or wrong, most of all enjoy your shiny treasures.


Astrophyllite ♥ “Illuminating the true self” Assists in helping recognize your purpose for being here.

Amethyst ♥ Aids in discovering or discerning your life’s true direction. Hold in your hand when meditating on which direction to take.

Fluorite ♥ Useful when surrounded by opposing forces. Helps break old behavior patterns & ways of thinking.

Fire Agate ♥ “The hero’s journey” gives us courage to follow our spiritual path, into the places we fear. Allows you not to be swayed by the negative opinions of others.

Your Prescription Kit Crystals comes complete with one (1) of each stone (sizes vary in-between 2 to 3.5 cm)

Astrophyllite tumbled stone

Amethyst elestial petite cluster

Fluorite tumbled stone

Fire agate semi tumbled stone

Sari carry bag

Crystal Information Card

Fairy Leonie’s Complimentary cleansing information card



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