MINI CRYSTAL GRID/ALTAR KIT- protection and grounding
MINI CRYSTAL GRID/ALTAR KIT- protection and grounding
MINI CRYSTAL GRID/ALTAR KIT- protection and grounding
MINI CRYSTAL GRID/ALTAR KIT- protection and grounding
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MINI CRYSTAL GRID/ALTAR KIT- protection and grounding

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MINI CRYSTAL GRID/ALTAR KIT- Protection and grounding


This kind of earth energy work is all about matching your energetic needs with the corresponding energy of the stones. i have made it super easy by creating and harnessing powerful stones for the intention of  cleansing and clearing negative energy and transmuting positive protective energy.

There seems to be a fair bit of confusion about crystal gridding and creating an altar/sacred space. It really does not have to be that hard! Ill be providing you with a simple instruction card which can be used to create a stand alone grid or add to your existing altar (check out my blog about altars for more information!).this mini setup is a small size so easily transportable to where ever you travel

So lets get to it and look at the components i have put together for you.

Smoky  Quartz - transmutes negative to positive energy. Exceptionally grounding and highly protective

Smoky Quartz raw points  - “a master healer” points direct the energy inwards or outwards for positivity, harmony and amplifying the energy of the other stones.

Clear Calcite - clear old energy patterns, increases positive personal power,  cleanses and purifies space and auric fields.

Black Tourmaline   - the best stone for psychic protection. Highly protective and grounding.

Agate Base plate- agate is a grounding  and protecting stone which holds space for your mini altar/ crystal grid

Brass buddah statue from Kathmandu - symbolic deity symbol of the Buddha's endless wisdom and compassion in addition to eternal harmony.

White  candle - light to invoke prayers and send your intention to the universe. White candles Channel white protective light from the angelic realms to protect and purify  .

This listing is for one (1) Protection and Grounding CRYSTAL GRID/ALTAR PACK

You will receive the exact pack in the pictures

Your kit will arrive lovingly parcelled along with cards describing the properties of each crystal along with a complimentary crystal grid basic card.

your kit will include:

x1 Agate base plate approx 7.5cm at its longest point

x1 large  natural SmokeyQuartz point   from brazil approx 4cm at its tallest point

x4 natural smoky quartz points,  average length 2-2.5cm

x4 natural black tourmaline pieces total average size around 8mm

x6  small extra quality smoky quartz tumbles  sizes from approx 1cm

x1 extra quality clear calcite tumbles approx 1cm each

x1 white  candle 10cm long

x1 brass buddah statue approx 3.5cm tall 10.3g

x1 crystal grid card

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