PETROLEUM QUARTZ 10g gridding packs
PETROLEUM QUARTZ 10g gridding packs
PETROLEUM QUARTZ 10g gridding packs
PETROLEUM QUARTZ 10g gridding packs
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PETROLEUM QUARTZ 10g gridding packs

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Petroleum Quartz mini bulk 10g packs 


Do i have a treat of all treats for you.

This Natural Golden Enhydro Crystal is like a genie’s lamp – laden with golden magic that will ignite your innermost desire, passion, and willpower to help you mani. Golden enhydro is also known as petroleum quartz or Pakimer diamond. It comes from Pakistan and is clear quartz with inclusions of petroleum oil that are actually UV-reactive – shine a UV light on this gem, and you’ll see where the oil pockets are! It’s incredibly rare to find crystals like this- these are beyond special.

Naturally double-terminated, perfect for opening psychic channels and transmitting and receiving energy. Many have fensters, natural keys, dolphin formations. 
every pack is different and weighs 10g’s sizes of the stones vary from 3mm- 8mm these are small but exceptionally powerful. Average quantity in a bag is 15 pieces plus

Petroleum Quartz formed from the golden rays of the sun that were collected by ancient forests and buried deep underground. Mother Nature slowly transformed that decayed matter back into golden energy. Some of the Petroleum Quartz contain black and brown inclusions which are asphaltite that if heated would release petroleum. The amount of petroleum varies in every piece and is usually under 1mm in size. The tiny drop(s) of petroleum show up much more clearly under a black light as petroleum is fluorescent. These are over a million years old.


Use to amplify the other crystals on your altar, crystal grid or in your mojo bag. The size of Petroleum Quartz is perfect to use in any crystal grids( amplifies in all directions), body layouts, useful for dream work, meditation, energy tools or jewellery as it amplifies any energy it is combined with. Wanna blow your mind - work it with moldavite

Metaphysically balances our emotions, purify our love, and create a deeper connection with the spirit of Earth.


With all my crystals I suggest avoiding water. Use the full moon moonlight to energize. It can also be moved through sage smoke or incense, or on a selenite charging plate overnight. Please avoid water.

This listing is for one (1) 10g bag of natural raw Petroleum quartz points you will receive a bag similar to the ones pictured here. They come Along with a card explaining the energy of this crystal 10 g packs sizes will vary 3-8mm.

crystal blessings


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