Serpentine hand carved dragon
Serpentine hand carved dragon
Serpentine hand carved dragon
Serpentine hand carved dragon
Serpentine hand carved dragon
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Serpentine hand carved dragon

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From the 4th February 2024 it’s the year of the dragon!!!

The dragon is the symbol of power in Chinese culture, Emperor was considered the man of the dragon because he has the highest power.

This fantastic figurine of the mighty Dragon, hand carved in green serpentine  also known as new jade. depicted carrying a ball of crystal in its claws to represent prosperity and career success. It is a highly sought-after symbol.

A green dragon is a particularly excellent feng shui cure for the East sector - the direction the dragon is affiliated with.


A green dragon represents health


In feng shui, the dragon is connected to the earth element and also the east direction, where the sun rises.

Working with the dragon can help you to cultivate the yang aspects of your home’s feng shui.

The dragon is connected to the compass direction facing east and the color green or blue. Place a carved  dragon in the east sector of your home. Be sure to have the dragon facing east.


Green represents the Wood element for growth and abundance

Never place them where there is low energy like the bathroom, your closet, or the garage and do not keep many of them either inside the house.

The maximum number of dragons you can have is 5. 

One more key rule to keep in mind is that the dragon should never be placed above the eye level. 


This offering is for 1- (one) hand carved in light green serpentine  dragon

weighing approx 442g measuring just under 20cm at its longest point

$125 each  and comes with an information sheet

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