Wearable Energy - Shungite Earrings
Wearable Energy - Shungite Earrings
Wearable Energy - Shungite Earrings
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Wearable Energy - Shungite Earrings

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Crystals of Healing Wearable Energy Shungite Earrings

SHUNGITE “The Miracle Stone” Or known as THE STONE OF LIFE!

Shungite is a very powerful stone,  well renown for its carbon content which acts as a purifying agent and also a shield for emf/emr protection.  If you are drawn to this stone, it is likely that you require some form of purification or grounding in your life.

I have created these plated silver earrings using 8mm genuine shungite beads. Designed to be worn close to the body to help protect and ground

Shungites Unique Magical Energy Properties

In ancient Roman times this stone was actually used to purify water! It’s known to not only purify energies but literally removes any dark, negative and evil in its path. It is also used to remove toxins and impurities from water.

Shungite is renown for its incredible healing & protection properties. It Restores emotional balance, is a Powerful protective stone by shielding the wearer from negative energies. Whether you are ready or not it will drag out issues that will need to be dealt with- not a gentle stone so I suggest treading carefully!         

This listing is for one (1) set of 2 shungite beaded earrings. 8mm beads approx 3cm from the top of the plated silver shepherd hook to the base of the bead

Genuine high quality Shungite is a rare and a precious stone that is not readily available; every piece I have has been chosen carefully and vetted for quality. You will receive a set similar to the ones pictures- I will intuitively choose an awesome set for you

Yours will arrive lovingly parcelled in a gift bag along with a card describing the properties of the stone as well as a complimentary crystal care sheet.

Crystal blessings

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