Copper dowsing - divining rods
Copper dowsing - divining rods
Copper dowsing - divining rods
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Copper dowsing - divining rods

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Copper divining- dowsing rods

Dowsing rods are tools that are sometimes used in an attempt to locate:

  • underground water
  • minerals
  • paranormal entities
  • Grave sites
  • Earth energy
  • hidden objects- or lost things
  • Geopathic stress, black line streams and ley lines
  • Energetic hot or cold spots
  • Checking the “energy torus” of your crystals and crystal grids
  • And even use on the body - If you are a holistic healer, you can incorporate dowsing into your practice to more fully work with your clients and their spaces.

Negative earth energies can impact health in body, mind, and spirit. You may feel that there is something not right at home or work. Dowsing can confirm this as well as give you options of where to move furnishings for optimal health. By locating and acknowledging these energies you have started the healing process.

And there is also positive energy that we can harness, once we know where it is located.


The upright arm is often free to rotate inside a tube. When water- geopathic stress or energy spots are "found," the rods move in synchrony. Depending on the dowser, they may cross over or swing apart. If the object is long and straight, such as a water pipe, the rods may point in opposite directions, showing its orientation.

This offering is for one (1) pair of copper dowsing rods

Dimensions:  approx 30 x 12 cm

These are made of copper as it’s such a high conductive energy metal and they have rotating handles - making them a highly sensitive

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