Hand of Fortune Incense Holder Altar Plate
Hand of Fortune Incense Holder Altar Plate
Hand of Fortune Incense Holder Altar Plate
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Hand of Fortune Incense Holder Altar Plate

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Hand of fate- hand of fortune Palmistry incense holder altar plate

Palmistry is one of the oldest and most universal of the Divination arts; its practice and origins date back to Ancient Greece (and earlier). With this offering, you will receive a flat hand fashioned from resin and inscribed with symbols and signs. The back is flat with felt pads so that you can place this on your bookshelf or altar without scratching any surfaces.

Set on your altar, desk or mantelpiece for decor as it would make a delightful plate or mini altar to place your favourite crystals upon

I simply love these designs -

And offer you the option of white with the all seing eye of protection

or gold printed star and moon of balance and harmony


This listing is for one (1) hand of fortune incense flat holder Available in 2 different styles

A. white with the eye of protection

B. Gold Sun and Moon

measuring aprox 19cm at their longest points and weighing around 155g. made from resin with a light felt backing and a small hole drilled in the centre to hold your incense

Offered to you with crystal blessings


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