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Decluttering Crystals 

The spaces we live and work in  are often an outward reflection of how we are feeling energetically. Uninspired? Lack of motivation and a depressed ? Have a look around you - are you surrounded by piles of paperwork, clothes, “clutter”. If you are you are Literally being held down and buried by heavy energy- it sucks energy from your life and brings you down. If so It’s time to declutter - release and cleanse the space! 

A tidy space means a tidy mind- free flowing energy- happiness - contentment. How good do you feel getting into a freshly made bed with clean sheets ? Or perhaps a tidy lounge room where you are not looking at the dust and thinking about you need to clean , the toys that need to be put away. Clean clear Sacred space soothes the mind and the soul - everything organised- everything within its space.

I know when I’m struggling energetically when I’m surrounded by disorganisation and mess creating an energetic ‘downer’ loop. Mess = low level energy. This is where my crystals come to the rescue!

Personally I like to place decluttering crystals in a prominent place within the space that I’m working with . If you want to really layer it up, try create a mini decluttering grid  before you get started on the following process (see the crystal recommendations below )

so let’s get started !

It’s then time to set a intention for that space.

I can hear you thinking already - this seems like a bit of work but no this is essential !

It’s easy to get off task when decluttering so - Grab a notebook and start writing .

how this space can best serve you? What would you like from this space? 

If you know your intention it helps in making decisions of what is appropriate to keep and let go of in that space . Let go of what no longer serves you and keep what aligns with the vibe!

So What energetically matches your intention ?

Now brainstorm your heart out - write everything down that crosses your mind (this is IMPORTANT – don’t judge your ideas or leave anything out).

Grab your crystal(s) and hold it for about 5 minutes, clear your mind, allow yourself to receive some positive vibes from your crystal

Create a list of your priorities and place it in a prominent location in your space and set your crystal(s) on top of the paper.


Now that you have a clear focus for how the space should be used, you can start making any necessary changes!


My recommended crystal energy to work with

  • Prehnite with Epidote inclusions - This is one of my fav crystal  combos helping you de-clutter your space.  It helps to clear your mind from stress and distraction so that you can focus on organizing your space.  This stone is great for helping you make decisions about what types of items will be beneficial in the space you’re in, and which items or objects are distracting or just taking up space (adding to the clutter and chaotic energy).
  • Barnacle Clear quartz - this is a formation of quartz . That’s basically quartz with baby quartz ‘hitchhikers’ attached. These babies break up stagnant energy help to de-clutter - both physically and mentally.
  • Clear Calcite -  is high vibrational energy . Energetically Realigns geopathic stress ley lines? Clears and cleanses negative energy
  • Use High vibe crystals to break up stagnant energy - Such as apophyllite and clusters of clear quartz. These are perfect for large spaces. Their many points send out high vibes into big areas as they have a large energy torus.
  • Another favourite of mine is singing crystals . Not all crystals sing - these long needle points can be gently tapped or rubbed together to make a high pitched sound. Breaking , clearing and cleansing energy . Also great if this space has had illness or sickness involved.

So to summarise

  1. Grab your decluttering  crystals
  2. Brainstorm your intentions for the space
  3. Write a list of your intentions
  4. Place list with crystals in a prominent place
  5. Get started !  Use your list as a guide

Enjoy the journey

Crystal blessings 

leonie x

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