Energetic Boundaries

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Energetic boundaries

Do you feel like you are exhausted by the demands of people around you ??
Are you overloaded and that last request is just too too much ? 
We will be  having a look at a few ways and techniques of course using your crystalline friends  to establish some personal boundaries!

Our personal boundaries are essential for healthy relationships with friends, family and loved ones as well as our own mental health. Boundaries aren’t about shutting people out, they are more about managing your own energy levels so that when you are around other people, so you have more to give without draining yourself. If anything, boundaries are one of the highest forms of self-care. 

When you feel like you’re living in accordance with your values, you’ll feel more grounded and calm around others. 


1. Take responsibility for your thoughts only

When you start to set personal boundaries, you may find that it makes people around you uncomfortable. Gaslighters and narcissists  like to mess with others thought patterns. Let other people think and feel what they wish – you be you. We can only be responsible for our thoughts and feelings, not those of other people - try not to take their shizz.  If you are an empath you will find others are naturally drawn to you for solace and advice.

RHODONITE is the perfect crystal for this! it can allow you to be compassionate and caring - yet protects and grounds your energy shield. Wear or carry a piece in your immediate auric field.


2. Prioritise self-care

I know - who’s got freaking time for that right ? But as they say “you can’t pour from an empty cup” you have to make time for yourself!

Struggling to to find some light at the end of the tunnel???

Write a list of everything that makes you feel energised and happy - Include big things (like special celebrations) and little things (like reading a book or spending time in nature, playing with your crystals). Try to make this list as extensive as possible. Once you’ve thought of everything you can, make a commitment to do at least one of the things on your list  every day. Make self-care a daily priority, not a once-in-a-blue-moon activity. The better you look after yourself, the better you’ll be able to look after others. 

Crystal self care - got a bath ?

Time to take  a crystal bath. Any or all of these crystals I’m about to suggest are safe in water ( they are all from the same silicate family!)

  • pop a piece of clear Quartz For positivity
  • Rose quartz for self love and nurturimg
  • Amethyst to chill the whatsit out
  • Or citrine to energise your system with the pranic energy of the sun for joy and happiness.

Layer it up with your favourite essential oils - Im a massive fan of neroli, pettigrain or orange blossom. Calming and soothing for the heart chakra uplifting and gently soothing. Magnesium flakes ? Or perhaps one of my smudge herbal blends? Light a candle play -your favourite music - grab a glass of something bubbly or even a book . Whatever floats your boat - this is your time!

3. Give yourself permission

Lack of courage - Self confidence and feelings of unworthiness will make it even harder to maintain personal boundaries if you don’t believe you are worthy of them. But, you are! Give yourself permission to live in accordance with your values. If you need to, write yourself a giant permission slip and put it somewhere you can see it every day. 

Crystal empowerment energy for this comes into correlation to the throat chakra. Wearing a pendant or placing a light blue or turquoise stone near the area can help open and channel this healing energy into your throat chakra.

This is simple crystal body layout you can do for 15 minutes before you start the day

Empowerment layout

  • Find a quiet place where you will be up disturbed to lie down and chill out
  • First place  a grounding stone at your earth star chakra - located 6 inches below your feet. Crystals such as pyrite, hematite, magnetite, smoky quartz or black tourmaline
  • Grab your throat chakra corresponding crystal of choice - feel aligned to blue lace agate ? Aquamarine? Blue kyanite? Amazonite ( yes I know it’s green but it’s a beauty for this chakra) choose what you feel attracted to. Either place one on the throat itself . Or if you find placing stones at this point uncomfortable pop 2 either side of your throat.
  • Place a natural clear Quartz point placed point down at the top  ( crown) of your head down towards your feet and then hold  2 selenite wands in each hand to cleanse and link all your energy meridians together.
  • Concentrate on the weight of the throat chakra stones opening and cleansing the throat chakra.
  • Lie quietly for a minimum of 15 minutes. Take note of any thoughts or feeling that arise . This may reveal emotional boundaries that can be worked through to help maintain your boundaries.

4. Practice saying no

So many of us find this exceptionally difficult to do this.

When you begin to honour your boundaries, you will need to say no to people from time to time. Most people will appreciate your honesty and respect your decision. Stressed and worried? and need a little Crystalline energy help for this ?

Amazonite the stone of courage and stability

Black tourmaline to transmute any incoming negative energy into positive energy

Selenite to shield, clear and cleanse the auric area.

5. Minimise people pleasing

Another tricky one as  we all want to be liked and appreciated. This often comes from a good place, but if it comes at the cost of your own happiness, it can lead to resentment and some relationship issues. Try to remember to avoid people pleasing for the sake of people pleasing and instead concentrate on looking after yourself, first. Taking care of others will follow.

Pink Kunzite - the woman’s stone is an awesome self supporting crystal to work with

Along with rhodochrosite or rose Quartz. Heart chakra stones to strengthen the heart. Place on your heart in mediation or under your pillow to work it’s magic when you sleep at night. 


Disturbing the peace- physical boundary energy

ok so we’ve covered personal emotional boundaries now think physical and psychic energy. Geopathic stress - psychic attacks, unwanted spiritual entities, physical space energy imbalances. 

Cleansing, clearing and protecting from negative energy often needs more than a waft of white sage and a few protective crystals. These are the last steps after Deeper energy work has been done.

In a physical space

  • Declutter - stagnant energy will cling to clutter.
  • Clean - tidy physical surroundings = tidy mind
  • Get Break up the stagnant  energy with singing crystals or your singing bowl
  • Detect - use a pendulum or your hands if you are an energy sensitive to  find the source/sources  of dead energy areas.
  • Remember - don’t just clear a space but clear and cleanse yourself
  • Protect - use the appropriate crystal to  boost the energy intention you wish to create.

So What crystals do you  to use for what type of protection for creating boundaries ?

Geopathic stress - magnetite, hematite, clear calcite

Spirit entities - Tibetan Quartz, black kyanite

Psychic protection - black tourmaline, obsidian , Smoky Quartz

Shielding - clear Quartz , labradorite, blue kyanite , selenite

Electro magnetic frequencies- shungite, black tourmaline

Negative people - pyrite, tigers eye, turquoise

Setting boundaries- blie kyanite  , malachite , tourmalinated quartz

Nightmares, sleep - amethyst, selenite

Empath protection - amethyst , labradorite, sodalite


Finally if you are finding you need to clear and cleanse yourself of the after effects of toxicity often caused by a lack of boundaries. Try my favourite  psychic boundary aura sweep.

Grab a selenite wand ( the bigger the better ) but a small piece will do!

Start at the top of your head and just like brushing your hair sweep a couple of inches away from your body from your head to toes.

This is essential energetic hygiene - especially for anyone working with groups of people or in a caring profession . You can also do this technique in spaces around your home, by waving your “wand “ pointing from corner to corner roof to floor 

I am available every sunday 7-12pm at the Busselton markets signal park if you’d like to pop down and see what we can put together to help you on your energy quest

crystal blessings 


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