Where are you holding your Energy ? BASE CHAKRA

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Where are you holding your Energy?
Crystals- chakras -physical - emotional energy
Let’s delve down the rabbit hole of emotional energy and physical shifts in the body.

Before I get started I am not a health professional and Please DO NOT use my information as a substitute for professional help. See your health practitioner or doctor, crystals are meant to be used as energetic support. Our wellbeing really should be a combination of all the tools we have to hand.

This information is a combination of my personal observations along with my knowledge of crystal  energy and correspondences - take from it what you will this may not relate to everyone of you! So with that let’s get started!!


Everything that happens to us emotionally is stored within us energetically. This accumulated energetic frequency happens etherically- aurically then moves into the physical body .

We will be delving  deeper - chakra by chakra today We are looking at the base or root chakra


Before we get started  I need you to do some homework.

Grab yourself a piece of paper and make a note of your :

  • physical awareness.
  • If there’s an ache,  pain, discomfort or something feels out of wack - jot it down.
  • emotional awareness
  • how are you travelling emotionally and spiritually
  • What  and how are you feeling ?

don’t edit …..be honest as to how are you truely feeling and thinking .

Where are you holding your Emotions? The base chakra


“ I am”

Our centre for safety and security - our “home” base - the root of all we are - where we come from and our most basic survival instincts- the centre of our creation . Infact when we were conceived, the primordial cells , ( the first cells formed and STILL remain in the base of our spine)

The Primordial cells are a persons original 8 cells of life, the first 8 cells that are formed after fusion of the Egg & Sperm and subsequent cellular replication.

These 8 original cells, that are positioned in-between your Base & Sacral Chakras, are maintained throughout your life-time via the holographic field of your Crystalline Matrix (auric field)! Hang with me here! This Gets better - Everything in Creation is manifest into form through Sacred Geometry -  so our Physical body is no different! Those Primordial Cells, the first 8 cells of life, mirror reflective of the ‘Egg of Life’ - or flower of life in Sacred Geometry (the template that brings form to Metatron’s Cube!)

These sacred geometry shapes along with the cube relate to the base chakra - therefore cubic crystal system crystals relate primarily to the base chakra. I love this stuff! It’s important as this is so much of a part of why and how crystals work and vibrate at their own individual frequencies. Molecules structure, vibration science is the secret to how our shiny friends work

Using a base chakra corresponding crystal in this form of a cube, engraved with the flower of life or metatrons cube layers up the effectiveness of the stone you are using. So don’t just think “grounding crystals” by adding their molecular crystal system to the mix you are amping things up up up.


The base chakra is What connects us to the centre of the earth.

Holding energy physically in these areas?

  • The groin and lower limbs, sciatica, bladder, hips, bladder, etc cover the base chakra area.
  • sluggishness
  • Gut/colon issues
  • bladder issues and issues with elimination
  • Sore or lower back problems
  • left arm, leg, or foot issues
  • inflammation
  • cramping
  • prostate issues
  • Headaches 

On top of these physical manifestations, an imbalanced or blocked Base Chakra can cause many adverse psychological symptoms, such as anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression, and eating disorders.

Feeling :

  • unbalanced
  • Emotional
  • Directionless
  • victim mindset
  • Are you a hoarder? 

Check out your notes from your homework do you have any Physical or emotional imbalances correlate to any of these?

Interestingly enough many of us have an under active or overactive base chakra, it’s not uncommon!

The best way to check this is energy sensing - I find my pendulum the best way to test!

You can layer it up by using a base chakra related crystal pendulum. Magnetite, obsidian , smoky Quartz , black tourmaline, hematite, onyx, jet , black kyanite, red Jasper, garnet all vibrationally match to this energy centre.  


  • Pendulum work
  • Crystal Body layouts
  • Wearing or carrying GROUNDING crystals
  • Crystal grid - shape of the cube , metatrons cube or the flower of life to intensify the release intention.

Crystal body layouts can be done on the lower stomach / base chakra area or seperate them out and place them side by side next to your lower stomach and hips.

You don’t have to use them all !

Tape a single crystal to the afflicted area using surgical tape from the chemist.

Suggested crystals on the  layout shown can be swapped out for any grounding stones you feel connected to. There’s no right or wrong and it’s what you feel attracted to using as we are all vibrationally unique. For instance anyone suffering deep grief or trauma may feel that onyx or obsidian a more gentle energy to work with than kyanite or magnetite.

Before doing any body layouts always place a grounding stone such as magnetite or hematite at the earth star chakra - between your feet 

How long should you use them for?

I would suggest not a prolonged amount of time. You can actually become TOO grounded - particularly if using obsidian. So keep a check on how you are travelling. I suggest starting with 15 minutes no longer than 30minutes.  These layouts can be repeated or perhaps you prefer to remotely work using a crystal grid and photo.

Place your earth star “grounder” first and it should always be the last stone you remove.

You can seal in The work by tracing appropriate meridian lines  ( see my meridian blog) using selenite .








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