Black Salt

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Black salt or witches salt has been used by wiccans and pagan magic through the ages. In ancient times, this mineral was extremely valuable, one that was once only able to be obtained by the rich. Also known as: Salt Negro, Witches Salt, Hoodoo Salt, Santeria Salt and Drive-Away Salt. so you can guess by these titles what it’s purpose is!

Representing the Earth Element. It is mainly used for protection, Banishing, Dispelling, Purifying and Cleansing. If you practise earth magic it is essential to have it In Your arsenal of energetic tools. I use black salt charged with intent for use in protection, banishing, purification, change, but it can be used in other magic.

To personalise, add power and layer up the energy you can

  - burn the appropriate herbs of your intent your cauldron then scrape the residue and charcoal out to mix into this salt ie white sage for protection.

- add corresponding crystal energy ie black tourmaline, clear Quartz or selenite

How to use it ?

  • keep in your purse or desk at work and sprinkle around to aid in protection from negative energies.
  • Pop in a small bag under your pillow for protection at night, or sprinkle some under your bed or perhaps in a bowl by your bedside.
  • Sprinkle at the entrances  or around the boundaries of your home - it’s uses are so varied.
  • To cast a circle.
  • It’s purpose is to drive away what would do you harm - physical or spiritually


It’s very simple to make, there are plenty of recipes online but this is how I make mine


· Salt (preferred, Sea Salt)

· Black Pepper

· Ash

· Activated Charcoal

· Optional: Cast Iron Cauldron shavings instead of Pepper

· Optional: Mortar and Pestle for grinding

Other items:

· Bowl for mixing

· mixing tool - spoon, natural twigs or a palo Santo stick

· Container for storage

Salt: I recommend Sea Salt or Kosher Salt is also a great option. As long as you salt is natural, unbleached, and untreated with chemicals.

Black Pepper: This spice is used to drive away unwanted persons, banish negative energy, and to gives protection from evil. It has a masculine energy, and is associated with the element of Air, and planet Mars.  Please note Some recipes will recommend using cast iron shavings. I personally I don’t do this so I use black pepper instead.

Ash: This can be ash from your fireplace, smudging bundles, or incense.

Try and match the magical energetic properties of whatever you have burnt for your intention. I use locally made natural incense

Available here

You can use any burnt herbs from energy cleansing ie white sage, sometimes I add bay leaves, etc - basically anything for protection, layering up the energy anyway I can.

Activated Charcoal: This is what gives your salt its black color.  Some people like to use black food dye but I’m not a fan. Charcoal  is associated with Fire, Earth and Air, and is greatly powerful in its cleansing abilities (both medicinally and spiritually).

1) i grind my black pepper and sea salt in a mortar and pestle . If you Do them separately, You can have your concoction as coarse or as fine as you want.

2) Combine the black pepper and sea salt. Try to keep them equal in amounts, and mix. I like to use the branch of a Palo Santo stick or Sage stick twigs.

3) Put in the ash and mix.

4) Put in the charcoal and mix. Put it in little by little, so you don’t make your salt too black.

Once your Black Salt is thoroughly mixed, it is ready to go! Of course, you can go the extra mile and do a prayer, chant, or setting of protective intent over the salt.

For storage, it’s preferable to put your Black Salt into a natural container like glass/wood/stone, for later use. If you use  plastic is may release toxins over prolonged periods of time.

To throw away any excess or any Black Salt that’s fulfilled its duty, bury it within your yard. However, if you ended up using it for a hex or curse, then bury it in the woods far away from your home and from where anyone or anything may accidentally stumble across it. Low level energies are tricky, and can turn out to be quite clingy.

So that’s it - my simple recipe for black witches salt .

Once you have a basic batch you can always add other herbs, spices and even crystals to the mix to intensify the energy intentions. You may choose to also create your salt under an appropriate moon or astrological phase.

Crystal blessings



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