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Crystal Secrets to Anxiety , Panic Attacks & Grounding.

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Crystal Secrets to Anxiety , Panic Attacks & Grounding.

There is not a single market that goes by when I don’t get asked for crystals to help with anxiety. It’s a very rare person that hasn’t experienced anxiety at one time or another. 

Whether you are stressed out or experiencing the mother of all anxiety attacks - there is one common thread that binds any form of anxiety ........  Being ungrounded!

When we are in a state of anxiety all clarity of thought goes out of the window. We end up in our head space, emotional and spiritually disconnected. We need to get back “into” our bodies and this is where our shiny rock friends provide a fabulous energetic tool.

What can you do? Which crystals will help? and how do you use them? More information on the blog, crystal kits, bracelets and crystals  available to purchase

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