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House of belonging

Do you cope well with change ?

Change has never been easy for me - any major change in my life has usually coincided with negativity.  As a result I don’t cope well when I can see changes are about to happen, there’s always an undercurrent of dread. I feel anxious, panicky and constantly battle myself not to get overwhelmed and drown in the uncertainty of it all.  Over the years as changes have occurred, I have learned to take back a little energetic control by creating a few personal rituals. Energy work that has helped me to keep grounded, feel secure and provide a feeling of safety. With this thought I thought I’d share with you  that’s come up recently - leaving your sacred space.

What are two of life’s biggest and stressful changes ? Death and moving

So I’m talking Letting go, leaving the sacred space and honouring your sacred space - your place of belonging- your home that has sheltered, nurtured and kept you safe from the world.

I’m pretty much old school , I’ve not moved much in my life I’m a bit of a “long termer” long term relationships even my work-jobs I’ve stuck at stuff and not many changes. So what’s not a big deal for many people is a pretty big deal for me.

We always hear about CREATING  sacred space - cleansing etc when moving INTO a new home but what about honouring the space that has sheltered you and letting go before you leave ?

So let’s talk letting go. 

Create visual memories

As a graphic designer and an ex Professional scrap-booker Im A visual person.

For me it helped to Take photos - the trees you may of climbed as a child , the floor boards worn where your generations of family had worn down, the door you parents  marked your height, Old wall paper etc- things of meaning and memory.  When your ready you can create an album of memories. Perhaps take a leaf from the garden ( ask the land spirits  permission) , press some flowers etc.

Reconnecting with the space - THANKYOU

Take the time to breathe in the space of the place. Good and bad- many experiences have happened here - honour them acknowledge them and thank them for creating part of the fabric of your life.

Just as you physically clean a house when you move in to connect to it, if you can I suggest cleaning the house you move from.

Mindfully and thankfully, as you do this thank it for its shelter, it’s security, the place that held you and your lovely ones and created memories together. Thank your space , the land spirits and wish it well. If you can’t physically clean the home touching surfaces - running your hands on surfaces, doorways to physically connect and thank the space.


I left offerings for my childhood home and the land spirits- secret and private connections of letting go just between the space and me . Crystals, glitter sprinkles , flowers and herbal offerings.

I connected with each corner of the property - all 5 acres of it - spent a lot of time walking the boundaries re-living  memories letting the negative go with love and holding the positive in my heart. Visiting the graves of childhood pets , leaving offerings and saying goodbye . Then followed with a smudge.

Letting go is never easy but energetically I like to be responsible for the space I leave  behind . I feel it’s The least we can do to the space that nurtured us, and a beautiful way to disconnect  and move on.

Light a candle, say a prayer , have a final family feast- whatever floats your boat. Whatever makes you feel at ease.

Is there anything you do to let go?
I’d love to hear from you - Please feel free to share In The comments

crystal  blessings 


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