Creating scared space with crystals THE ENTRANCE - my sacred space journey

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Creating scared space with crystals

THE ENTRANCE - my sacred space journey



As we all know everything has energy!
Space holds energy- space is energy .

Think about a room or a place you’ve been where you’ve immediately felt heavy or unbalanced when you’ve entered it. Or perhaps you’ve gone somewhere that feels nurturing, comfortable-  where you feel totally protected and at home. Sacred space is a space where we can feel supported, safe , happy and free to be ourselves. Of course our homes  are our primary sacred space- where we rest, rejuvinate, nurture and nourish not only our physical bodies but our spirit.

All of our homes spaces are going to differ. I’m a bit of a weirdo and like to use a lot of different combinations of energy work in conjunction with my crystals. If your interested in Feng shui that is an awesome way to really tap into ancient knowledge. It’s not as easy as taking a compass reading and applying a bagua to your house and checking out info on the computer. I would recommend using a professional Feng shui consultant to do not only your houses flying stars, but  also for you and your family. Just a quick note I am not a professional  Feng shui consultant - my  expertise lies in crystal energy to help to enhance and create sacred space.  Will notice through the this documented journey that I have combined my work with a qualified Feng shui consultant



Before starting any energy work Clean , clear and  decluttering is a must! I’ve covered this in previous blogs in more detail ! 

I’m an energy detail freak so I’ve had a professional audit done - I know the flying stars for each area of my home as well as myself, what is auspious and also what needs remedying. I like to work with Feng shui and crystals- so  let’s talk about the basics of energy intention and using your crystals to create it.



Setting your intentions- The foundation to it all !

What would you like to create ?

The entrance is the threshold to your home - where you invite people and energy flows into your space.  what feeling  do you want or how would you like to people to feel as they enter your space.

Would you like it to be a reflection of who you are?  Perhaps what your  belief system ?

Perhaps you wishing  to encourage the energy of prosperity, love or sanctuary through the door?

Have you just moved and are wishing to clear and reset the energy ?


Placing crystals at the entry  to our homes can create, amplify and attract what feeling and energy we are wishing to evoke.  This is done By simply matching  the appropriate energy of a crystal to your intention.

For example

Prosperity and abundance - citrine, aventurine, pyrite

Happiness, warmth and joy - carnelian, citrine and pink aragonite

Comfort, nurture and love - rose quartz,

Positivity and  harmony - clear Quartz

Get the drift?

I’m not going to list them all here but if your interested in a particular intention please contact me and I’ll create a detailed blog for everyone to share.


So it’s not just about choosing the corresponding crystal energy . Did you know The formation of your choice of crystal also makes a difference to the energy flow.

  • Points direct energy
  • clusters disperse in wide areas
  • spheres disperse even energy in all directions.
  • Tumbles give off softer energy than their raw energetic counterparts

So give thought to the shape as well as size of stone you are wishing to use. In Feng shui there is talk of a ‘red bird’ focal point maybe if your audit dictates a corresponding large crystal can be your welcoming energy feature here?



The function of crystals in Feng Shui use is usually by colours based on the corresponding five elements. The  five-element chart - below including the generating cycle (Earth generates Metal, Metal generates Water, …) and the controlling cycle (Earth controls Water, and Metal controls Wood, ….). By using different colour crystals, we can strengthen or reduce the power of a certain element.

I’ve catagorised the crystals below through compass settings because the earths magnetic field plays such an important part of our energy and that of our crystals.



Element: Water - governs the spirit

Colours: Black, Blue

Shape: Triangle

Brings: work & career

Crystals: Blue lace agate- chalcedony, sodalite, aquamarine, kyanite, chrysocolla, larimar, larkivite, blue topaz

Hematite, jet, magnetite, obsidian, smoky quartz, tourmaline, shungite



Element: Earth- governs nourishment & stability

Colours:  Brown, yellow, pink

Brings: Education, knowledge & luck

Crystals: Earth tones- Smoky Quartz, Tigers Eye, Citrine, jasper- picture/yellow/mookaite/leopard skin, yellow calcite, petrified wood, pietresite, dravite/brown tourmaline



Element: Metal- governs intellect & productivity

Colours: White, Gold, Silver

Brings: creativity, travel luck, helpful people

Crystals: Moonstone, clear quartz, opalite, hematite, pyrite, bismuth



Element: Fire - governs the emotions

Colours: Red

Animal : The Red Phoenix

Brings: Name & Fame

Crystals: Carnelian, red jasper, orange calcite, rose quartz, garnet, ruby



Element: Wood - governs growth & flexibility

Colours: Green

Shape: Square

Brings: wealth

Crystals: green calcite, chrysoprase, ammonite, fuschite, malachite, nephrite, reunite, sulphur, rainforest jasper, kambada jasper, emerald



Element: Earth

Colours: Brown, Yellow, Pink

Brings: Romance, Relationships & Luck

Crystals: Earth tones- Tigers Eye, Citrine, , yellow calcite, petrified wood, pietresite, rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, kunzite



Element: Wood

Colours: Green

Animal : Green Dragon

Brings: Fertility, family & health

Crystals: Emerald- green beryl, aquamarine, smithsonite - green, prastolite, epidote



Element: Metal

Colours: White, Gold, Silver

Brings: Creativity, Descendents & Kid luck

Crystals: Pyrite,  Herkimer Diamond, hematite




The function of Feng Shui crystals is usually categorized by using colours.

  • For enhancing wealth luck- yellow or green colour crystals.
  • For good health - display or carry clear quartz, green or brown crystals.
  • For wisdom and intelligence - clear, white, purple, or blue crystals.
  • For love and relationship - pink or purple crystals.
  • To absorb negative energy, black color is the most powerful are black tourmaline and obsidian




My formal entrance - the doorway is in the south  (fire element) but is personally an inauspicious entrance for my personal  flying stars. I actually won’t be using this door for my everyday comings and goings.

So I need to remedy / neutralise and amplify the energy I want to attract here. The element of wood supports fire so loveLy potted green leafy plants with the energy of raw green calcite in their pots will be perfect!

Why green calcite ? Well it is the stone of new beginnings , it absorbs stress and anxiety from the day. It is related to the heart chakra and on an emotional , spiritual level Renews a sense of purpose, positivity and vitality. Green for prosperity, abundance, wellbeing and health and of course raw as  energetically it’s stronger than tumbles.

Plants will have rounded leaves, kept healthy and tidy. Dead and dying plants are energetically draining. Regularly tending to any space lifts and activates the energy. Plants such as Cactus are not friendly and welcoming - they are prickly and prevent a “barrier”. So avoid them at your front door . Lucky jade and bamboo will be placed in sets of two in red pots in my south sector only.

Now don’t forget this is my example but many not be complimentary to the energy in your sector - but it’s a good example of how everything mentioned above conglomerates into one energy space.

Stay tuned for the next Instalment of my sacred space journey

Crystal blessings


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