Crystals for Transitioning- Death, Dying and Bereavement

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We are all energy - whether we are in/on the physical plane or whether we have transitioned from our bodies and returned back to the light. It stands to reason that we do not “die” our energy - essence or ‘being’ simply changes form. 

So let’s discuss crystal energy and transitioning- death and dying. A topic which is quite raw and close to my heart as I use and have used my crystals extensively for comfort, bereavement and grief during my personal losses.  As in life -every passing is unique, a crystals energy can help with our emotional, energy flow, comfort the fearful,  protect the spirit and help provide gentle acceptance. But this is not just for the dying but for anyone left behind.

Passing or the transition into/through death and beyond can be a fear filled time. This can be especially true for those who are not prepared for it. Maybe because of a belief system (or lack of one) or simply because of denial. For many people there is the element of the fear of the unknown. For those who are open to it, crystals may make the process a more gentle, spiritual and calming. As death comes near, crystals can make the experience of transition so much calmer and less fearful. These are the five stages of dying, these happen both with the person dying and also if you are the person your loved one is leaving or has left 

1 - denial

2 - anger

3 - bargaining

4 - depression

5 - acceptance 

All are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with coming to terms with dying, or losing a loved one. Allowing, releasing, letting go and supporting yourself in positive and gentle ways at your special and sacred time of re-birth,just as the seasons change, so does life - a constant flux or as the hermetic principle states “ everything is ebb and flow”, as I said before we are energy- energy does not 'die' it just changes 'form'. Let’s see what crystal energy can help the change of energy is the most beautiful form of transformation 

I’d like to suggest a few crystals for  ‘coming home’ with ease and grace. These Crystals for Someone Who Is Dying are just as beneficial and supporting for those who are left behind to grieve as they are for those who are passing.


Our master healer - healer of the  mind body and spirit  but also is the stone to ease “release”. Use for reducing the emotion of fear- the fear of the unknown and the fear of death. Use to relieve tension and stress, to dissolve the bonds that tie us to our current physical plane. Amethyst promotes emotional poise. It diminishes anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief and supports coming to terms with loss. During the passing process it also helps to ease transition and provide comfort to those who are grieving.


Although high vibrational - “the stone of courage” has a gentle energy that helps resolve old thought patterns and assists in moving forward with resolution . working with the throat chakra to speak our truths and clear the air.
The transition into death and moving beyond can be  a fear filled time. It helps people evolve and unfold. When death comes near, Aquamarine can make the experience calmer and less fearful



These Obsidian ‘droplets’ are a gentle way to help release and accept what is to come. If you are in the process of grieving they gently hold you grounded to safely release trapped emotions to process and move through the process.



In ancient times  carnelian was used by the Egyptians to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife, and was placed inside tombs as “magic armour” for their life after death. Use for courage when  facing the fear of the unknown. Carnelian works with the base chakra helping stay gently grounded to help with anxiety.



These are like rose quartz on steroids! It is the energy of pure love and love of the divine spirit. Both are celestial vibration stones and  are the symbol of infinity. Their high vibration helps with negative thoughts, anxiety, stress and to relieve panic and fear. Use to assist with transition for the dying by imparting the knowledge the departing soul requires and helping them move over into enlightenment.



Known as the stone of alignment and one of the very few crystals that ever needs cleansing. Working with the third eye chakra it  Stimulates psychic abilities, intuition and helps connect to your spirit guides. As well as connecting to the ancestors .

It can be used as a wand  to cutting etheric cords and to help through fears and blockages, it helps those who are making the transition through death.



A deeply spiritual stone of serenity and calmness with a vibration that is all about love, compassion and forgiveness, it assists us to accept ourselves  and past actions. Use this  pink stone helps you to let go of experiences from the past, especially where you still feel fear or grief .



Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra, its energy is unconditionally loving, soothing and accepting. The classic stone for love, comfort , nurturing and support.



allows compassion, Forgiveness & Release of Fear from the heart, if there are any regrets or negative energy, this crystal helps release negativity from the heart

How to use Crystals for Someone Who Is Dying

A selection of tumbled stones can be place into a pouch or bag and then placed under a pillow for comfort .

If symbology is something that resonated with you - A heart shaped crystal that can  could hold and fondle could be suitable. Or perhaps a crystal angel for comfort, love and protection.

A small display or even a crystal grid placed strategically bedside , or one of my favourite ways to present them is to create a “rock garden” within an indoor plant. Simply choose a plant that resonates with you all and arrange the crystals around the base - a mini altar of sorts.

Just having the crystals within the space is fine if you feel you don’t want to have them on display that’s ok too.

Wishing you crystal blessings and comfort with your journey

Leonie xx



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